2017 Volunteer Awards and Honorees

Without volunteers, ATD-Orange Count could not exist, let alone flourish. As 2017 concludes, we recognize those whose service this year made possible all our Chapter programs, activities, and accomplishments.

Belisle Chapter Leadership Award

Given annually to a Chapter member who has provided outstanding leadership to ATD-OC in one or more projects, programs, or roles; and for improving the effectiveness, efficiency, or influence of the Chapter.

Paul Venderly for the following contributions:

  • Leading ATD-OC's social media presence since 2015. Under Paul, ATD-OC's social media presence is the strongest it has ever been.
  • Leading the Training & Tech SIG. Paul has constructed a professional development experience through which members build eLearning development skills working on a "real-life" project -- a re-vamp of OneOC's Volunteer Calendar system.
  • Leading the Summer Social Series.
  • Taking leadership of ATD-OC's Programs in 2018, for which he has put forth some innovative proposals.

Rookies of the Year Award

Given to outstanding, new Chapter members (less than one year) who have volunteered readily and have been active in numerous projects.

Kimberly Goh: For her work on the Documentation Team and
contributions to the Training & Tech SIG project
for OneOC; for supporting her predecessor by
coming up to speed early as incoming Secretary.

Laura Emery: For the many improvements she has made and
ideas contributed to the Chapter website.

Sheri Long Outstanding Teamwork

Given annually, when appropriate, to an exceptional project or functional team of chapter members, working effectively together in creative collaboration to provide an existing or new service to the chapter. This service contributes to sustaining or enhancing member benefits and/or serving the local training & development professional community.

Total Trainer University Quality Improvement Task Force: Jen Anderson, Cynthia Boccara, Anthony Harmetz, Gloria Hays, Melissa Ruiz

Over the last few years, these five have:
  • Re-vamped TTU course content and activities significantly;
  • Aadded opportunity for students to work with "real world" projects for some of Orange County's major organizations.
  • Increased opportunity for students to receive coaching on delivery and other skills, both inside and outside class sessions.
  • Made many other improvements.

Jen Anderson

Cynthia Boccara

Anthony Harmetz

Gloria Hays

Award of Merit

Given to a member of at least three years, who assumes responsibility for project leadership in the Chapter and/or national level. Someone who has served as a previous or present as a Chapter Board member, Manager or committee member.

Don McGray

 For outstanding service as CFO since 2016; serving regularly as Monthly Learning Event Coordinator since 2016; presenting at the BIZ SIG in Spring 2017; supporting the Chapter President in strategic planning; and contributing many ideas to reshape the Chapter's future.

Susmitha Valvekar for leading the Chapter Documentation Committee in addition to her role as Secretary; helping to recruit volunteers and Board member candidates; and participation in planning for the Chapter's future.

Distinguished Service Award

Given annually to a Chapter member who has made a significant contribution to one or more Chapter projects or programs, or who has excelled in leading a major program.

Eileen Azzara - for her work on ATD-OC's Programs in 2017 and 2016, and for laying groundwork for marketing in 2018.

Tom Partridge - for his work developing and managing Skills Development Academy, strengthening the Chapter's alliance with OneOC, and serving as a Learning Advisor to a Skills Development Academy project.

Melissa Ruiz
- for her assistance in managing Total Trainer "Creating Training" and "Delivering Training", for which she has also served as co-facilitator.

Chapter Torch Award

Given annually to a member who assumes leadership of two or more Chapter programs, and provides support to multiple Chapter offices.

Recipient: Jeffrey Hansler - for service on the Board since 2014, including 2 years as President; creating and facilitating the BIZ SIG; launching the President's Book Club; expanding the Chapter's technology capabilities for virtual programs and other benefits.

2017 Volunteers

Nadine Ambrose

Kathleen Ashelford

Rhonda Askeland

Jolynn Atkins

Jesus Avalos

Eileen Azzara

Tom Barclay

Erica Beggan

Dr. Cynthia Boccara

Kelli Bond

Allison Byrne

Nancy Chavez

Margaret Connery

Becky Daly

Michelle Deshotels

Joyce Douglas

Jamie Dunn

Matt Eisele

Dee Elliott

Deepti Fadnavis

Maria Falcone

Kevin Figueroa

Jennifer Fischel

Jason Galeener

Monica Garcia

Rosalie Gibbons

Kimberly Goh

Pattie Grimm

Dena Gunsolley

Thomas Hall

Scott Hamilton

Jeffrey Hansler

Anthony Harmetz

Gloria Hays

Nancy Ingram

Rachel Karu

Jennifer Kennedy

Briana Koeppe

Allan Lamonte

Denise Lamonte, CPT

Geri Lopker

Thomas Mayer

Don McGray

Ed Mendieta

Vera Michaels

Tom Partridge

Danielle Pevehouse

RuthAnn Ritter

John Rivera

Melissa Ruiz

Sean Salomon

Lori Schnaider

Jan Slater

Donald Smith

Wendy Sterndale

Karen Thompson

Victoria Torres

Natalie Trabert

Susmitha Valvekar

Cheryl Vargas

Christopher Veal

Paul Venderley

Vern Vihlene

Karen Wales

Linjing Wen

Gillian Wilson

2017 Volunteers of the Month

February:      Tom Partridge
March:          Gloria Hays
May:             Erica Beggan
July:             Nancy Chavez
August:         Jolynn Atkins
October:        Laura Emery
November:      Melissa Ruiz
December:      Kimberly Goh

Thank you all for the positive impact you've made for our members and community!

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