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05/10/2023 3:40 PM | Denise Ross-Admin (Administrator)

Company Member Spotlight Opportunity

We are always looking for innovative ways to show our appreciation for our Company Group Members. This year the ATD-OC BizSIG Special Interest Group, which just delivered a resoundingly successful program on AI and Chat GPT, will host interviews with directors or executives of two of our Company Group Members.

It’s a first come first serve opportunity for a senior level representative of your organization to promote your learning and development efforts and your L&D team!

These one-hour programs will be aired in October and November on the second Thursday of each month. The recordings will be made available to all members and to the Company Group Members for their promotion.

Based on schedules, availability, and your preference, we may do these events live versus pre-recorded.

Our main purpose of these interviews is showcasing your organization and providing a forum to share your knowledge, thoughts, and the great things about your L&D staff and organization.

Jeffrey Hansler, current BizSIG leader and past ATD-OC President, and his  podcast partner, Rona Lewis, will be conducting the interview whether it is live, or pre-recorded in person or over Zoom.

We work from a general outline:

1)      Background on interviewee(s) and how and why you joined this organization
2)      Introduce staff, initiatives, accomplishments, and goals
3)     What is changing in L&D and the value you receive from ATD / ATD-OC

We do a little research and put together some more specific questions which we send to you in advance. We are open to recommendations on everything – including title, opening statements, and content.

Best Practices for Ultimate Guest Experience

Short sentences and succinct answers make powerful impacts, as well as having conversations, not giving explanations. Many podcast guests feel the need to “teach,” proving they deserve to be interviewed. You know what? If we didn’t think you are worth interviewing, you wouldn’t be here! Let’s make this a conversation about your business experience doing what you do. Oh, we’ll chat about what you do, be sure about that and we’ll ask a bunch of questions, if you let us….which leads to great conversations. 

Please reach out to ATD-OC Administrator, Denise Ross, at or 714.527.4785 by June 1.

Thank you.

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