Embrace the Happierness. Choose Resilience. Live Fully.

01/25/2024 4:32 PM | Paul Venderley (Administrator)

Matt Zinman will be the first to admit that he broke a few L&D rules last night, but we don't think he's going to ruminate over it. He had set a definite goal — to provide a group of L&D professionals beset on all sides by change and competing priorities with a framework for developing resilience — and he was determined to meet that goal.

Throughout the event Matt returned to his basic outline for resilience:

  • Keep things in perspective

  • Be present

  • Stay purposeful

As always, there's a great detail of practice and reasoning that goes into a three-step process, which is why Matt acknowledged he was including what amounted to a three-hour workshop into a one-hour webinar.  

Not that it mattered much to a group of L&D professionals used to cramming three months of work into a one-month workflow or increasing amounts of "need to know" information into shorter and shorter periods of time. We had been given the highlights and were connected to a veritable learning ecosystem to support us in our pursuit of happierness. 

  • A link to the webinar recording.

  • A book of Z-isms (who among us does not love a book?).

  • A collection of post-webinar job aids, worksheets, and references to refer to after our session.

Matt ended the presentation with a challenge for self-reflection, and we pose it to those of you who attended the event last night.  We’d love to see some of your thoughts in the comments below. 

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