A Correction to our Final OrangeSpiel

07/26/2011 9:46 AM | Paul Venderley (Administrator)
You may have received your OrangeSpiel in the mail last week, and you may have noticed the announcement that this will be the last print edition of our Chapter newsletter.  Our final OrangeSpiel was a labor of love, with multiple Board Members -- past and present -- contributing, editing, proofing, and working hard to ensure its excellence.  It is therefor with utter mortification that I acknowledge that not one of us realized we omitted the Vice President of Volunteers from the Leadership Index.

Linda Huey has served as your Vice President of Volunteers for a little over a year now, having taken on the role mid-term in 2010.  Hers is a consultative role. All Board members collaborate with her to:
  1. identify gaps in their teams that need to be filled
  2. identify the skills a volunteer would need to succeed in those open positions
  3. identify that strengths a volunteer would build within each open position
  4. recognize and reward the best among our community who are making ASTD-Orange County strong
Throughout her tenure, Linda Huey's dedication to her role as Vice President of Volunteers has been unmatched. We apologize for this unintended omission, as Linda is an integral member of the ASTD-Orange County Board.


  • 07/26/2011 10:59 AM | Denise Lamonte
    Thank you for this correction, Paul. I agree. It is regrettable that Linda's name and position were accidentally omitted, since we so appreciate the time and energy that each Board Member gives and strive to acknowledge their service and contributions. It is ironic that Linda's was the name left off of the Leadership Index in light of the fact that she is a major proponent of making sure we acknowledge our volunteers.
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