4 Keys to Success in Life, Career, and Leadership

11/25/2018 5:54 PM | Paul Venderley (Administrator)

As talent development professionals, we've doubtless taken many assessments analyzing our personalities. What's your MBTI? How about your DISC? Just recently, I dusted off my StrengthsFinder assessment in preparation for a job interview. These tools are great as we seek to interact and collaborate with others. What about the tools we need to promote ourselves?

Dr. Ryan Gottfredson suggests that we consider our mindsets.

Your mindsets, Dr. Gottfredson says, "play the role of being your mental fuel filter, dictating the information your brain processes, ultimately driving your thinking, learning, and behavior."

Do you have a fixed or a growth mindset? An open or closed mindset? A prevention or a promotion mindset?

"There are four sets of mindsets that have been found to strongly influence how successful you are in life, your work, and your leadership," shares Dr. Gottfredson.

"The mindsets you now wear are mindsets that have been developed based upon how you were raised and the experiences you have had in life. And, it is likely that you fully believe that the mindsets that you currently possess are the very best mindsets to possess. That is what your life has taught you. But, what I have learned from personal experience is that often our current mindsets are not the most productive mindsets that we can possess."

You can learn more about mindsets at Dr. Gottfredson's website, or join us this Wednesday, November 28, as Dr. Gottfredson offers insights into how our mindsets can impact our career management.

  • Understand the foundational role mindsets play in professional and career success and development
  • Have a clear focus on what mindsets you need to develop to enhance their professional and career success
  • Receive specific direction on how you can improve the mindsets that drive professional and career success

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