Why We Scheduled A Webinar On Engagement

01/15/2020 1:05 PM | Paul Venderley (Administrator)

I wanted to share a few thoughts about why we’re bringing in Rich Hazeltine, a change and performance management consultant formerly from Zappos.com (under Amazon) to ATD-Orange County to discuss talent development’s impact on engagement.

My experience with employee engagement is two-fold:

  • First, I’m aware of my own engagement within the organization, and develop ways to moderate it.
  • Second, I’ve been increasingly involved in large-scale HR projects to gather data about employee engagement, review the data to identify areas of improvement, and then roll out the programs that will (hopefully) address employee concerns.

Now, Rich isn’t going to talk about engagement as this big amorphous program that organization leaders promote because they’ve read the same Gallup report on engagement that we have.  While Rich is going to share the results from more than one engagement report, he will also share his experiences that indicate that the Gallup number isn’t that dire, and how he recommends we view employee engagement.

This is going to be a session that talks about what you can do to promote engagement.  How to step within the purlieus of these big engagement initiatives to connect with the people whom we are meant to engage, and move the needle forward.

The other reason we elected to bring in Mr. Hazeltine, the guy’s got some serious engagement cred.  He brings with him 25 years in the leadership development and organizational effectiveness space, 8 of those years as part of Zappos.com.  He’s garnered leadership lessons from commanders on naval carriers, and seen engagement in action. As a Vice Commander for the Civil Air Patrol (US Air Force Auxiliary), Nevada Wing Rich organizes over 700 volunteers comprised of more than 300 cadets that serve the community in Emergency Services (Disaster Relief), Aerospace Education, and Cadet Programs.

Rich has a unique set of experiences exploring leadership and engagement, and I invite you to join us to learn from those experience and apply them at your place of business.

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