Our Answer To Your Conference Withdrawal

09/08/2020 9:24 AM | Paul Venderley

You know the benefits of attending professional conferences.  They’re filled with opportunities to:

  • Learn something new

  • Develop professional relationships

  • Gain Inspiration

  • And there’s a little bit of the fun factor

But these days, the opportunities for attending professional conferences are diminishing.  And we’re not just referencing the pandemic.  You may not have the budget, either for the travel expenses or for the conference itself.  You may not have the time.  

With all that in mind, ATD Orange County presents the micro conference.  Our microconference is a “mashup” of microlearning and professional conference.  Four sessions distilled to their essential information, each session lasting approximately 20 minutes.  

  • How has your organization been handling the change management initiatives forced upon them by the SARS-CoV2 pandemic?  Get some ideas on how to better address change management issues using the STAR Method.

  • Have you been facilitating or attending more virtual training sessions or meetings?  Contribute to our panel’s virtual meeting lessons learned discussion.  Or check out ways to jazz up your online meetings.

  • Looking to address the critical skills necessary for a team to function effectively?  Participate in a critical skills case study.

All this, and the opportunity to develop professional relationships, can be achieved during this month’s ATD-Orange County MicroConference 2020.

This September 23, join us to connect, invest, grow, and be back home in time for prime time television.

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