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Sam has had over 4 very successful and rewarding years in Organizational Development and Management in the medical device industry. His career really began to take shape with the pursuit of his MBM degree and when he joined Newport Psychiatry. Since then he has built his subject matter expertise on the Neurostar TMS device, and leveraged knowledge gained from his MBM studies to grow the business by 400%. He really enjoys what he does, and he is very good at it!
Service Description
- Increased revenue over 200% by developing and implementing a process for staff to proactively schedule patients on the Neurostar TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) device.
- Increased medical device utilization rate from 19% to 63% by training staff on the basic usage of the device.
- Brought patient results for Neurostar treatment to industry standards by arranging quarterly training from Neuronetics.
- Increased revenue additional 200% by purchasing additional Neurostar TMS device and increasing number of patients treated.
- Increased follow-up activity from under 50% to over 80% for incoming customer service calls by developing and implementing new customer service procedures.
- Increased referrals over 200% through drop-ins and emails by creating a strong brand presence through advertising.
- Grew Facebook likes from 2 to 412 and followers from 2 to 409 by developing and implementing Facebook strategy.
- Better articulated practice's value proposition by delivering a user-friendly fresh website.
- Grew revenue generation capacity 400% by hiring and training new staff.
- Significantly improved patient satisfaction and experience by creating new staff procedures leveraging project management principles.
- Increased average review ratings from 2.5 stars to 4.8 by proactively asking customers to give reviews.

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