2018 Board of Directors Election

Voting closes Friday, September 28, 5pm

Exercise your right to vote for those who should lead the ATD Orange County Chapter! 

Voter Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Must be an ATD-OC member in good standing who joined on or before September 13.
  • Each member is allowed to submit a single ballot. (If more than one ballot is submitted by a member, the last ballot received will be counted as the official ballot.)
  • You may write in candidates. Any write-in candidate(s) must meet the qualifications as stated in the bylaws to be elected.

Candidates and Statements

Listed below are the open positions and slate of candidates with their statements.  


Gillian Wilson

As the President-Elect for the ATD-Orange County Chapter, I will collaborate with the President to learn the role of the President, to become familiar with the programs of the association and its governance, and I will support the President as needed.

I have been an ATD-OC member and volunteer since 2015, and VP Technology 2017-2018.

I have a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and relocated from the UK to Orange County over 10 years ago. Since coming to this wonderful area I have diversified career-wise, and have been involved with IT, HR and Compliance training and training systems for large healthcare and technology organizations. 

 Chief Financial Officer

Don McGray

Don Mc Gray is a management consultant with an L&D background who brings extensive business experience to ATD-OC. He has managed several support departments, understands how to communicate with both the C-Suite and operational line managers to improve productivity in the company.

Don’s passion is ensuring L&D departments add value to the organization by reducing “learning scrap”- training that is not applied on the job. His goal is to help ensure that learning is applied on the job and transfer into business results. Don’s focus is on the business impact resulting for training (Level 3,4, and 5 of the Kirkpatrick model)

Don Joined ATD-OC in 2014. He became Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in 2015 and has continued in that role for the past 3 years (2015- 2018). Don’s goal as CFO is to provide ATD-OC financials in a similar format that one would see at the company financial meetings, with year-to-date and year-end projections, thereby allowing Board members to understand how the financials can force strategy changes to meet their goals.


Kimberly Goh

Kimberly Goh is an eLearning consultant who helps organizations achieve tangible results in the digital age. She is currently developing eLearning modules for OneOC, in partnership with the ATD-OC Technology Special Interest Group. Her eLearning specialties include Storyline 3, Storyline 360, Camtasia, and Captivate. She has a deep understanding of systems thinking, industry trends, team building, and personal leadership. 

She is the founder of Stretch Education, a consulting service designed to help educators and business professionals succeed in the digital age. She is also the creator of StretchEducation.com and is active on Twitter as @StretchEducate.

During this past year, Kimberly served on the ATD-OC Board as Chapter Secretary. In addition, she recently completed the certification program in eLearning and Instructional Design at the University of California, Irvine.

As the ATD-OC Secretary, Kimberly will continue to capture discussions and decisions during the Board meetings, and will contribute her insights to the organization.

Vice President, Programs

Paul Venderley

Paul has viewed ATD-Orange County as the keystone for his professional development, and has advocated using Chapter resources as a source of information for those seeking to further themselves in this vibrant career. He sees the Chapter Programs as a launching point for a larger talent development discussion, either within the Chapter community or without, among peers and other TD professionals.

Even as you cast your vote, Paul's planning the 2019 MLE Calendar.

"If you liked our 2018 Learning Event program, let me know with a vote.  If you think things could be improved, email Programs@atdoc.org with your ideas."

 Vice President, Technology

Laura Emery

Laura Emery has worked as a Communications Specialist in higher education for over ten years and has honed her technology skills on the ground as a website content manager, marketing, and graphic design professional. 

While completing her Certificate in E-Learning and Instructional Design through the UC Irvine program in 2016, Laura joined ATD-OC as a member and quickly found her niche as a volunteer in the Technology committee.  For over a year, Laura worked with the committee to convert the ATD-OC website to a responsive, mobile-friendly site at no cost to the organization. 

As a candidate for VP of Technology, Laura seeks to find ways to use technology effectively to share content with members, enhance communication, and increase the profile of ATD in Orange County. In the position of VP, Laura’s goals are to develop web governance policies to ensure the sustainability of the website for future members. This will be achieved collaboratively with the team and through analysis of user data.

Laura is passionate about the mission of ATD to provide opportunities for professionals in the training field that will help them to stay current and realize personal goals.  

Vice President, Membership

Candidate 1

Rebekah Hartman

Rebekah is the Training and Quality Coordinator at Astro Pak Corporation. Based in Costa Mesa, Astro Pak serves clients in several industries including aerospace, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage. Her role is currently focused on designing and implementing training content for employees serving in various technical field positions.

Rebekah has a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology with a specialization in training and development. She looks forward to sharing her passion for talent development with the ATDOC community, which she joined in August of 2018. After volunteering at and attending many ATD conferences, she is grateful to have the opportunity to serve the community.

As VP of Membership, Rebekah will contribute to the value that this chapter provides to ATD and the local community. She is excited to bring on creative ideas for membership growth pulling from over two years of recruitment experience, and to collaborate with a core of highly professional individuals from various backgrounds.

Candidate 2

Edith Logue

Edith Logue is a seasoned training professional with 40+ years of experience in corporate education. She spent most of her time in the high-tech industry in Silicon Valley.

Edith has worn many hats during her career. She has worked as a corporate trainer, instructional designer, content developer, and manager. Edith has experience with technical training, leadership, sales, and certification.

Edith joined ATDOC in Q4 2017. She has attended several MLE and SIG group events. Edith wants to contribute to the success of this chapter and help bring in new members to broaden the member population.

Edith is an organized, collaborative team player. She looks forward to learning more about the chapter and its 2019 goals and aspirations.

 Vice President,
Talent Management

Lynn Nissen

Lynn Nissen is a Learning and Development professional with 10+ years experience in Customer Service, Manufacturing, and High Tech organizations.  She also has experience in Human Resources, and leading volunteer projects. She has been a member of ATD-OC since January.

Her goal as VP Talent Management is to help members find opportunities to grow their networks and skill sets in order to accomplish their career goals.  From a welcoming onboarding for new members, to helping members find the perfect volunteer opportunity, and recognizing ATD-OC volunteers for the valuable contributions they make, the VP Talent Management Board Member performs an important role in the chapter. Lynn is passionate about each of these activities.

Her question for every chapter member is, “What are your career goals and how can ATD-OC help you achieve them?” 

In addition to all things training and learning, she also enjoys reading, visiting gardens, and spending time with her family.

Vice President,
Professional Development


 Vice President, Marketing


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