Volunteer Recognition 2021

Volunteers are active throughout the year, keeping the the ATD-OC community strong.  We value your participation and dedication to service!

Volunteers of the Month 2021

November:  Eddie Gardiner

We recognize Eddie Gardiner for his exceptional work as a Learning and Development professional for the rollout of our Creating Training program, Eddie served as producer, Zoom guru and right-hand man for anything that was needed. 

Eddie Gardiner is a Learning and Development professional with 15 years of experience working in non-profit and government sectors and currently works with the Learning and Organizational Development team with the County of Orange.

Eddie has a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies from California State University Long Beach and a Master of Public Administration from National University focusing on Organizational Leadership. He is an experienced Instructional Designer, Training Facilitator, and OD Practitioner. Last year Eddie earned his CPTD.

JULY:  Kevin Pappas

As Program Manager for the May Monthly Learning Event, Kevin skillfully handled the program preparation and follow-up activities.  His conversational style fostered a great flow of communication between the presenter and attendees.

Kevin Pappas leads OneOC’s Training Services, which includes overseeing the design, development and execution of all courses, cohorts, and workshops offered to Orange County nonprofits. Kevin has five plus years of experience working in the nonprofit sector as both a Human Resources Coordinator as well as a Program Director for the Santa Barbara Family YMCA.  He holds a BA in Psychology from Westmont College and a MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Vanguard University. He has a passion for leadership development and improving organizational effectiveness by growing employee’s knowledge and skills so that they can more effectively succeed in their jobs.

June:  Steve Thomas

As Program Manager with the Programs Team, Steve did an outstanding job of hosting the April Monthly Learning Event.  Not only was he an engaging host, but he managed all of the pre and post work for a successful event.

Steve is passionate about impacting the quality of life of others by adding value through coaching, speaking and mentoring. Currently, he partners with organizations to solve business issues by developing their greatest asset, PEOPLE, through Dale Carnegie programs. In addition, he is the co-host of The 411 on Leadership Podcast which airs live on LinkedIn/YouTube/FB on Mondays (10am PST).

Steve has obtained a Masters’ Degree in Human Services Counseling with an Executive Leadership concentration from Liberty University. Described by a Dale Carnegie Master Trainer* as “extremely supportive, coupled with authenticity” and a “true leader”, Steve recognizes that ongoing education has been invaluable in consulting with various individual clients and organizations.

If it were not for attending an evening ATD-OC event, I would not have connected with Dale Carnegie. Contributing to the local Orange County chapter would allow me to come ”full circle” and support others in discovering the next steps in their professional development careers. 

APRIL:  Yvonne Huynh

We recognize Yvonne for her assistance with preparations for the March MLE, and most importantly for coordinating with the panel of speakers.

Yvonne Huynh has 16 years of experience in a number of roles within the aerospace industry. Currently, she is Manager of Parts Management and Processes Standards Engineering at Northrop Grumman where she supports the Aeronautics Systems Sector.  Prior to this position, Yvonne held supporting and leadership roles in process improvement, employee engagement, Laboratories, and Materials & Processes. Yvonne emphasizes professional development through coaching, leveraging strengths in addition to resource, project management, and stakeholder management. When not working, Yvonne enjoys spending time with her family, learning, baking, and crafting.  She is interested in supporting ATD-OC with e-learning design and training management opportunities.  Yvonne holds a Bachelor’s in Physics from the University of California, Irvine and a Masters’ in Business Administration from Pepperdine University.   

MARCH: Samiya Hai

We recognize Samiya for her role in fostering development of the marketing videos for ATD – OC, Samiya Hai took it to the next level by coordinating and creating videos for ATD-OC by utilizing current members in videos and interviews helping to further ATD-OC’s presence and reach in the community.

Samiya Hai has volunteered with ATD-OC since December 2020. She has broad experience in Instructional Design from K-12 to Corporate and e-Learning Development throughout. Recently, she accepted a position with Cigna as an Instructional Designer and is looking forward to her new journey. Along with this full-time position, she is inspired to freelance in L&D, and loves to volunteer with ATD OC!

FEBRUARY: Melissa Wong

We recognize Melissa for her development of marketing content for our social media outlets to create awareness and attention to ATD-OC's programming and events.

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Jeffrey Hansler           BizSIG

Kim-Khue Chieffo       Change Management SIG

Lori Schnaider & Anthony Harmetz    Training Manager Meet-Up SIG

Anthony Harmetz        Trainer's SIG

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Edward Gardiner

Nancy Ingram

Jeannie Jurado

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