2022 Annual Volunteer Awards

In December, we recognize those who made possible all of our Chapter programs, activities, and accomplishments throughout the year. Thank you!

Outstanding New Volunteer

An outstanding new member (less than one year) who has been active in numerous projects and made several contributions; someone who volunteers readily.


    • Made significant contributions during their first year as a member.
    • Has been active in at least two projects.
Jennifer enriched our webinar sessions by engaging with our audiences, adding resources to the chat and connecting with the participants to clarify their questions. She also stepped in to support the completion of the Total Trainer DeliveringTraining program, preparing the coursework, handouts, and eLearning modules.
Jennifer Lares

Spirit Award

This award serves to recognize volunteers who have maintained an “esprit des corps” to keep the energy of ATD Orange County exciting and at the forefront of the L&D profession.


    • Chapter membership for at least one year.
    • Consistently inspired members and T&D professionals.
    • Strong commitment to the talent and development field
Greg and Jeannie demonstrated an “esprit des corps” to keep the energy of ATD - Orange County exciting and at the forefront of the L&D profession. Greg stepped up and managed several of our monthly learning events, while Jeannie lent her expertise with instructional design to help complete the Total Trainer Delivering Training program.

Greg Cherney, D.C., M.Ed.

Jeannie Jurado

Sheri Long Outstanding Teamwork Award

Given annually, when appropriate, to an exceptional project or functional team of chapter members, working effectively together in creative collaboration to provide an existing or new service to the chapter. This service contributes to sustaining or enhancing member benefits and/or serving the local training & development professional community.

The Total Trainer Creating Training (TTCT) Team - These Chapter members have held together an ATD-OC trademark program that brings value to L&D professionals.

Edward Gardiner  *  Jeannie Jurado  *  Jennifer Lares  *  John Labiento

The Marketing Team - These Chapter members have worked effortlessly with last minute marketing requests, and whose work with weekly postings on social media cannot go un-noticed.  From their Monday and Friday inspirational messages to their monthly clever and witty postings of monthly and SIG speakers, the small and mighty Marketing Team has played a significant role in moving ATD-OC forward.

Jamie Crews  *  Bella Castillo  *   Carolina Castillo-Neale  *  Samiya Hai

Thank you all for the positive impact you've made for our members and community!

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