Total Trainer University (TTU)

In this two-part program, training professionals from ATD‐OC impart their expertise to inspire new approaches to training design that will enhance your new or existing programs. These hands-on, interactive programs are each offered once a week over a 10-week period in the Spring and Fall.

Spring: Creating Training

In this critical planning phase, you will develop an initial needs analysis, effective training materials, and a final analysis required for any effective training program

Fall: Delivering Training

Using curriculum developed by ATD-OC, you will design and deliver impactful presentations for business meetings, conferences, special events, or classroom assignments. 

What did you find valuable at ATD-OC's Total Trainer University?

"Total Trainer is the perfect name for this program and I was lucky enough to go through both parts of it."

"I think one of the most valuable things is that the participants do an actual project with a client who has a real problem and they work with the client to solve problems."

"I loved getting together with a group of individuals who are in the industry..." 

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