2019 Annual Volunteer Awards

In December, we recognize those who made possible all of our Chapter programs, activities, and accomplishments throughout the year. Thank you!

Belisle Chapter Leadership Award

Given to a Chapter member whose outstanding leadership in ATD-OC has substantially improved  the effectiveness and influence of the Chapter.


  • Contributed significantly to the Chapter’s achievement of its mission through the creation or enhancement of one or more Chapter programs or services.

  • Exemplifies the most positive and worthwhile leadership qualities to the Chapter and to other parts of ATD.

Paul Venderley

For leading the SOS “Share Our Success” chapter submission with ATD National, which was awarded, and presenting a session about how we empower our members through community partnerships at ALC “ATD Chapter Leaders Conference.”

Outstanding New Volunteer 

Given to an outstanding new member (less than one year) who has been active in numerous projects and made several contributions; someone who volunteers readily.


  • Chapter member for one year or less.
  • Made significant contributions during their first year as a member.
  • Has been active in at least two projects.

Cecilia Fernandes

For taking on the role of Social Media Manager which included developing a social media plan, and carrying it out. Additionally, providing support to the Talent Management team for Volunteer of the Month and Volunteer Opportunity postings. And, for participating on the Welcome Ambassador Content development team as a content developer.

Distinguished Service Award

A member who has been continually involved in numerous Chapter projects/programs and who has made a significant contribution in at least two of these projects/programs. Someone who demonstrates strong commitment to the learning and development profession.


  • Shows extra effort/enthusiasm.
  • Significant contribution in at least two Chapter projects/programs.

Rebekah Hartman

For reviving our chapter Membership function, including Member Orientations, outreach to local universities, and developing a Membership team. Additionally, the Membership team planned and held our first dedicated chapter Networking event in November helping the chapter to better meet the membership’s needs.

Chapter Torch Award

A member who assumes responsibility for project leadership, has served as a Manager, Co-Manager or SIG Manager. Someone who works hard, volunteers readily, and demonstrates strong commitment to the Chapter.


  • Program/Project leadership as a Manager, Co-Manager or SIG Manager.
  • Continual involvement in two or more programs.

Anthony Harmetz

For continued leadership and oversight of the entire Total Trainer University program, Developing Content, Delivering Content, and the new e-Learning series. Including coordinating volunteers, conducting training, participating in improvement projects and co-leading the Welcome Ambassador content development team meetings.

Award of Merit

Given to members of at least three years, who assume responsibility for project leadership in the Chapter and/or national ATD level; who have served as a previous or present Chapter Board member, Manager, or committee member.


  • Chapter member for three years
  • Project leadership at Chapter or National level.
  • Strong commitment to ATD.

Don McGray

For continued leadership of the finance function and working with the Chapter President to simplify and improve understanding of the Financial Reporting for the chapter.

Kimberley Goh

For leading improvements to the New Board Member onboarding, by developing a series of New Board Member e-learning courses. These courses improve the consistency and flexibility of onboarding new chapter Board Members.

Thank you all for the positive impact you've made for our members and community!

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