Volunteer Recognition 2019-2020

Volunteers are active throughout the year, keeping the the ATD-OC community strong.  We value your participation and dedication to service!

Volunteers of the Month 2020

MAY:  Laura Emery

Laura Emery currently volunteers with ATD-OC as the Web Manager. Her continued efforts to build value for the chapter, along with those of Past President, Jeffrey Hansler, have resulted in a new Member Content section. It houses a variety of materials including documents, and videos of past events that will be a resource for current and future chapter members.

APRIL:  Steamer Lee

Steamer Lee currently volunteers with ATD-OC as an active participant on the Welcome Ambassador Content Development Team. He’s taken on several volunteer activities outside of the team as well, including leading an in-person networking activity in the first quarter.

Steamer is a graduate of Total Trainer Delivering Training, and has been a valued ATD-OC chapter member since 2019.

MARCH: Jhamiela Summerfelt

Jhamiela Summerfelt currently volunteers with ATD-OC supporting the VP of Talent Development, Lynn Nissen. As the Volunteer Manager for the chapter, Jhamiela supports all volunteer placement activities. In the first quarter of 2020 she was instrumental with ensuring the success of the chapter volunteer open position assessment.

Jhamiela is currently working in Human Resources, and enjoys learning new facets of HR and growing in her career. She’s been a valued ATD-OC chapter member since 2019.

FEBRUARY: Hetal (Dolly) Shah

Hetal (Dolly) Shah currently volunteers with ATD-OC supporting the CFO, Don McGray. As a member of the Finance Team, Dolly has prepared Financial summaries and contributed new ideas to streamline chapter Finance processes.

Dolly uses her Financial Analysis experience to bring a new perspective to her volunteering role. She’s been a valued ATD-OC chapter member since 2019.

JANUARY:  Brendan Donahoe

Brendan Donahoe currently volunteers with ATD-OC supporting VP Membership, Rebekah Hartman’s Membership Team. The team planned and executed the 2019 Networking event. Brendan helped to ensure the evening was successful by being readily available during some unexpected changes. His dedication and leadership helped the event have a great start.

With an extensive background in higher level education, Brendan is currently an Instructor at the Academy of Art University. He’s been a valued chapter member since 2019.

Volunteers of the Month 2019

NOVEMBER:  Valerie Kohler

Valerie Kohler currently volunteers with ATD-OC supporting the Total Trainer Creating Training series. This year she worked with Anthony Harmetz and Melissa Ruiz to revise and improve the course content and helped to facilitate the newly updated section. Her efforts helped the chapter keep the Total Trainer offerings current, ensuring that the series continues to provide value for those who attend.

Valerie is a Sr. Instructional Designer with Pacific Life and has been valued member of ATD-OC since 2014.

OCTOBER:  Jeannie Jurardo

Jeannie Jurado currently volunteers with ATD-OC supporting the Total Trainer Creating Training series and as Project Manager of the Total Trainer eLearning development project. As a graduate of the ATD-OC Total Trainer University, she has experienced the comprehensive series first hand, and the difference it can make. In her role, she’s able to pursue her passion, helping others develop their skills.

As an Instructional Designer with Advantage Solutions, Jeannie has gained valuable expertise that she generously contributes to ATD-OC through her volunteering. She’s been a valued member since 2007.

AUGUST:  Kim-Khue Chieffo

Kim-Khue Chieffo currently volunteers with ATD-OC as a leader of the Change Leadership Special Interest Group (SIG). Alongside Jason Galeener, she identifies speakers, advertises group events, and communicates with various members to successfully meet group deadlines. The Change Leadership SIG schedules events to help members and non-members learn from people who are using change management tools to influence organizational change.

As an OD & HR Partner for Parex USA, Kim-Khue has expertise in Learning and Development, curriculum development, instructional design, facilitation, coaching, team development, performance management, organizational leadership, and change management. She also has several certifications, including her CPLP. She’s been a valued ATD-OC member since 2012.

JULY:  Britt Wilson

A new member of ATD-OC, Britt Wilson began volunteering immediately. Joining the Media Committee, he spent a significant amount of time reviewing footage of past events and making recommendations for future use. This is a key step in the committee’s long-term goal of providing quality live feed of our presentations, and making recordings available for members when they need information.

Additionally, Britt attended the Total Trainer Delivering Content series this summer and took on a volunteer role assisting with class material development.

Britt spends his work days as a presenter for The Lincoln Motor Company. His experience with communications, technology, and developing learning content directly inform his outstanding contributions to the Media Committee and the ATD-OC chapter

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