BizSIG: For Initiative-taking Individuals in Talent Development

02/29/2024 12:10 PM | Paul Venderley (Administrator)

The opening sentences of the BizSIG web page show an inclusive invitation to pretty much everyone in our Chapter. “The BizSIG serves the needs of internal and external organizational development practitioners. If you are a facilitator, trainer, instructional designer, organizational development specialist, manager, coach, consultant…the BizSIG is for YOU!”

But still, the abbreviation at the start of the SIG’s name — “Biz” — may throw some of those internal and external OD practitioners off.  We joined ATD-OC for Learning and Development skills, right? 

“When I joined ASTD in 1990 for business and skill development,” shared BizSIG leader Jeffrey Hansler. “I quickly realized the value of executive business and organizational skills alongside L&D expertise.”

While there are multiple roles in organizational development, all of them focus on skill development and growth of individuals improving the organizations they serve.  This requires not just L&D skills, but business skills — perhaps explaining why the ‘Impacting Organizational Capability’ component of the ATD Capability Model includes segments on: 

  • Business Insight

  • Consulting and Business Partnering

  • Organization and Development Culture

I proposed the BizSIG in 2014 to elevate L&D professionals through executive business and skill development,” recalls Jeffrey. “Economic pressures often lead organizations to cut L&D activities first, affecting compensation levels. BizSIG equips professionals with essential skills to advance economically and professionally, both independently and internally.”

The ATD Capability Model also contains a segment titled: “Future Readiness,” and perhaps it is here where the BizSIG shines. Jeffrey continually experiments with content, delivery, pricing, media, presenters, topics, and design of the group.

  • In 2015 they experimented with hybrid meeting formats. Years before the pandemic you may have seen Jeffrey applying those formats to our Learning Events as well!

  • For 2022, the BizSIG innovated again, with a mastermind format and Spotlight Program. 

  • And in 2024, the BizSIG continues its innovation with the InsightXplore series, a series of meetings bringing together a select group of forward-thinking individuals for a transformative learning experience.

“BizSIG's programs, covering hybrid skills, communication, business development, finance, podcasting, marketing, AI, C-Suite insights, foster innovation and success.” says Jeffrey.  “Despite CEO surveys highlighting a gap between L&D efforts and organizational success, BizSIG alumni flourish by applying learned skills.”

Stay in touch with ATD-OC to see how Jeffrey continues to innovate with his BizSIG program.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of growth and innovation, register for the inaugural InsightXplore meeting this Thursday, March 14.

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