What is Power Membership?

ATD membership provides the tools you need for success. Chapter membership applies those tools to your organization and community. Together you are a Power Member! When you join your chapter and ATD, you choose to be knowledge leaders in the talent development profession and change makers in your own backyard. Joint membership offers learning professionals a unique opportunity to connect with local, national, and international professionals. Joint members can learn about trends in the field, and gain access to research, principles, practices, and templates they can apply directly to impacting organizational results, their community, and advancing their career.

Why Join?

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) is the world’s largest association dedicated to the talent development profession. ATD members come from more than 120 countries and work in public and private organizations in every industry sector.

Through Power Membership you receive access to ATD’s industry leading content, career-advancing educational programs, and publications from the field’s leading authors and thought leaders. Review the chart below for a comprehensive list of member benefits!

How to join?

Version 1:
Current members of ATD chapters may join ATD for a special annual Power Member rate by using your chapter’s Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP) code, CH8091. Chapter members joining ATD will save $30 on membership, and receive Professional membership for $229 and Professional Plus membership for $369.

To join ATD and become a Power Member, visit www.td.org/membership and select your preferred membership level. To receive special pricing on your ATD Membership dues, make sure to select your chapter’s ChIP code [CH8091] at checkout.

Choose Your ATD Membership

Why Become an ATD Power Member?

Power Members -- those who belong to ATD and to the ATD-Orange County Chapter -- benefit fro twice the support, twice the resources, and twice the networking of either membership alone.

If you currently are an ATD member, you qualify for the "Power Member" ATD-Orange County membership discount rate of $85. If you are not yet a member of either, please keep reading to find out why you should be.

ATD Membership

  • Access to exclusive research online
  • Network with over 40,000 members
  • News from T+D magazine, e-newsletters, and webcasts
  • Member discounts in the ATD store
  • ATD's Job Bank
  • To see all the benefits, visit ATD's website

Chapter Membership

  • Programs and networking targeted to your local community
  • Volunteer opportunities to raise your professional visibility 
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • To see all the benefits, visit Members Benefits

ATD Power Member rates for chapter members are:

$229 (reg. $259) for Professional membership or

$369 (reg. $399) for Professional Plus membership

If you are currently an ATD Chapter Member and not an ATD  Member

Chapter members can get the discount online by using the Chapter ChIP code CH8091. Those wishing to join via phone at the Power Member rate may call ATD Customer Care at 1.800.628.2783 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. ET). To receive the discount, you must mention the Chapter ChIP code CH8091.

If you are currently an ATD Member and not an ATD Chapter Member

Join the chapter at the discounted rate of $85 (choose New Member with Current ATD Membership). This will make you a Power Member.

If you are currently not a member of either

Follow the instructions above in both sections to join the Chapter and ATD!

If you have any questions, need help joining, or are still undecided, contact us:

Denise Ross, Office Administrator, ocoffice@atdoc.org or 714-527-4785.

Here's what our members are saying:

  • The annual State of the Industry report is worth double the cost of membership. It is rich with industry trends and a great resource for strategic planning in L&D.
  • I love my T+D Magazine - it has information that I use immediately after receiving it.
  • Members have an incredible amount of webinars available to them (at no cost) pretty regularly - almost weekly. The webinars are recorded for future reference and help me stay on top of important L&D resources.
  • Members receive a discount on all certificate programs and ATD Store resources and advance notice is given on promotions and sales. I'm a resource junkie, so getting a discount helps my budget.
~ Rhonda Askeland, President of ASKRHON Consulting

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