Design and Deliver Learning Workshops in a Virtual World

Workshop|Thursday, Aug 13 | 6 - 8 PM | REGISTER

In this session we will explore a simple process for designing effective virtual learning workshops, share best practices in stimulating two-way dialog throughout a session, and finally describe different activities and technology tools that can be substituted for in-person live exercises. 

Effective Tools for Handling Stressful Conversations

Wednesday, August 19 | 12:00 - 1 PM | REGISTER

These days, it seems like stressful conversations pop up everywhere: at work, at home, and in the virtual work environment. If you’re not prepared, these conversations can negatively impact on your productivity, relationships, and health. But what’s the best way to prepare yourself so you can respond effectively?

Join Board and Team Dynamics Specialist, Dr. Lola Gershfeld, as she demonstrates three effective tools for handling stressful conversations. At the end of the webinar, you will also receive a special gift: a coupon for FREE access to Dr. Gershfeld’s new online Emotional Connection EmC Course (a $27 value).

ATD-OC Membership Orientation Webinar

Wednesday, Aug 12 | 7 - 8 PM | REGISTER

At this brief one-hour meeting we will share with you all the benefits and value that membership has to offer and how ATD-OC can help you navigate these rapidly changing times in learning and development.

This will also be a great opportunity for you to begin to connect with other new members, grow your network, meet our leadership team, and have a little fun!

Whether you are a long time member, brand new or considering joining ATD-OC, this Membership Orientation is for you.

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