Gamification for Talent Development:
Deconstructing the Psychology of Games to Entice, Engage, and Encourage Learners

Wed. July 24  |  12--1pm  |  Webinar   |  DETAILS & REGISTER

At this hands-on program, you will learn the 5-step process of gamifying a training program.  At its core, Gamification is about finding the fun in the things that we have to do. When learning is fun, people remember, apply, and return to the learning.

The Gamification of Learning: A Certification Workshop for Talent Development and HR Professionals

Tues. Aug 21  |  8:30am--3pm  | DETAILS & REGISTER

Gamification is not about simply rewarding points and badges, but rather understanding and influencing the human behaviors which companies want to encourage among their employees and customers. Gamification includes a robust set of game mechanics including chance, competition, collaboration, knowledge sharing, badges, points, leaderboards, status, achievement, exploration, teamwork, and so much more. successful training sessions, programs and initiatives.

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