BizSIG Series: Transforming Learning & Development

5-week Series based on Peter Block's Flawless Consulting Book 

Starts Tuesday, June 9 | Learn more

In this discussion series, you can discover and learn:The problem is L&D is working on the wrong end of the problem by focusing on ROI.

  • How to get ahead with your L&D projects?
  • Why your approach is more important than your results?
  • Why buy*in is your most objective?

Let the accountants focus on ROI, you have more important dragons to slay.

Working from the book Peter Block Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used, you can become a powerful force within your organization as we discuss Peter Block's consulting model.

Wed, June 17 | 5 - 6:15 PM | REGISTER

As we continue to utilize virtual environments for our day to day activities, our physical boundaries for connecting with other individuals are being replaced by technical ones.  During this event, we want to challenge that notion.

Join the members of ATD San Diego, ATD Orange County, and ATD Los Angeles for a joint chapter event! Bring your own beverage of choice, flip on that video camera, and mingle across the region.  

We’ll start big, and zoom small, moving into three intimate breakout sessions where you can connect with fellow learning, training and development professionals.

Book Club 

Monday, July 13 | 7 - 8:30 PM | REGISTER

The ATD-OC Book Club is free and open to non-members too! It's a great way to learn more about ATD-OC and our wonderful members.

Volunteers 2019-2020

Arlene Carranza
Cecilia Fernandes
Kim-Khue Chieffo
Christine Dunham
Daniell Pevehouse
Geri Lopker
Anthony Harmetz
Jeannie Jurado
Jesus Avalos
Joe Neric
John Lee
Karen Angus
Karen Thompson
Kathleen Dvorak
Ken Dixon
Denise Lamonte
Lola Gershfeld
Lori Schnaider
Margaret Connery
Matthew Van Matre
Melissa Ruiz
Michelle Adrian
Nancy Ingram
Paul Pancoe
Ranya Ebrahim
Rhonda Askaland
Sam Girgis
Shirlee Wallingford
Tacy Riehm
Tamara Carpenter
T. Brendan Donahoe
Tiffany Nye
Tracey Byrnes
Valerie Kohler
Vera Michaels
Britt Wilson

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Dear ATD-Orange County Learning Community:

In light of the recent developments and recommendations regarding COVID-19 by the CDC, the ATD-Orange County Chapter will move all our events online effective immediately and lasting until this directive is lifted.


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