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Instructional Designer
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Buena Park
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* ATD Orange County Past President (2010)
* Training and Development field over 15 years
* eLearning designer over 8 years
* Design in Adobe Captivate, Articulate Studio, Articulate Storyline
* LearnX Gold Award winner --
Best eLearning Design, Rapid Authoring, 2015

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Human Performance Improvement; active learning design; eLearning development; MS Office, including MS Access; Captivate; Articulate Storyline and Studio
Service Description
Paul Venderley joined ASTD-Orange County because someone was networking, and had cued him into a vibrant organization devoted to the professional development of trainers just like him. He admits to treating his professional membership as he treats his gym membership for a few years, but a call to action from the VP of Communications activated his membership in 2005, and he hasn't looked back since then.

Paul has viewed ASTD-Orange County as the keystone for his professional development, and has advocated using Chapter resources as a source of information for those seeking to further themselves in this vibrant career. However, he's realized that learning how to improve one's training skills isn't enough to maintain the viability of a professional organization -- we must do more, especially in a day where the catch-phrase is: "In today's economy..."

Paul seeks to expand the viability of our professional network to create opportunities for our members to practice what they learn -- to do something that adds to their resume through experience and measurable accomplishment. There's a lot this chapter has to offer each one of us. Ask one of us to learn what that is!

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