Volunteer for Your Career

ATD-OC is uniquely positioned to offer opportunities that allow you to apply your knowledge and expand your skills.

By engaging our volunteer corps, we perfect our talent development skills and build our professional network in Orange County.

Complete our Volunteer Interest Form, or contact Kathleen Ashelford at talentmgmt@atdoc.org

Documentation Committee

Collaborate with board members and committees to source information and
maintain documents.      

President’s Outreach Committee

Design programs for outreach to organizations and executives on behalf of ATD-OC.

Programs Advisory Council

Guide the chapter program content to ensure the programs we deliver are relevant and timely to current organizational challenges.

Volunteer Reward
& Recognition Team

Ensure that ATD-OC volunteers get back as much as they give!

Membership Team

Orient and welcome new members. Help members identify and meet their needs. This team also conducts outreach efforts to potential members.

President’s Media Committee

Utilize visual and audio media to connect with executives and talent development specialists.

Technology Committee

Improve the membership experience with technology solutions and ensure that the Board and volunteers are able to get work done.

Sponsors and Partners

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