Meet Our Chapter President, Lynn Nissen

03/16/2024 12:25 AM | Paul Venderley (Administrator)

In her role as Chapter President, Lynn perceives ATD-OC as a valuable platform for Learning and Development professionals to enrich their understanding of the field. Leading the Board of Directors, she ensures that the chapter has access to diverse programs, networking opportunities, and avenues for continuous learning. Recently, we had the opportunity to engage with Lynn to glean insights through a series of questions.

Why did you join the ATD-Orange County Board?

I joined the ATD Orange County Board in 2019 as Vice President of Talent Development because I was interested in volunteering in a leadership role. At the time I was in the middle of a career pivot and searching for a new job. In 2021 I became President Elect, In this role I supported the President in achieving the chapter goals, which prepare for the position of President in 2023. It’s been an action packed six years on the Board and I’ve learned a lot about leadership, non-profits, and volunteer run organizations.

What did you get out of your role?

My role as Chapter President has helped me gain experience leading leaders, developing strategy, and working with the board to find creative ways to accomplish our goals. Professionally, it’s increased my confidence in leadership situations and talking with leaders in my career.

What is your proudest accomplishment of the past year?

In 2023 I attended ATD ICE for the first time in San Diego. This might not sound like an accomplishment but in previous years I’d always found a reason not to attend. (Too busy at work, too expensive, too busy at home with the kids) In 2023 I made it a priority, finally! I met so many people in person I’d only met online. People from across the US, who I met while getting my CPTD certification, speakers who had lead sessions for our chapter, our National Advisor to Chapters (NAC), and industry thought leaders. (I took a selfie with Britt Andreatta!) I attended every Keynote, Networking Night, and several sessions each day. I caught up with chapter members that I hadn’t seen in months, or in one or two cases, years! It was a whirlwind of experience and I did my best to make the most of every opportunity.

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