2017 Chapter Board Members and Volunteers

ATD-OC Board Members are elected each year. However, the Volunteers who serve alongside them are the true lifeblood of our chapter, making possible all that ATD-OC offers to members and to the community at large.

Volunteering is a great way to expand your network, raise your visibility, develop new skills and give back; serving on the Board does all these - plus, it develops you as a leader.

We have several openings for Volunteer Team Members and for a Board position now. If you are interested in being a Volunteer, please contact Kathleen Ashelford at talentmgmt@atdoc.org. If interested in filling a Board position, contact Jeffrey Hansler at president@atdoc.org.


Chief Financial Officer



VP - Marketing

Co-VP - Membership

Co-VP - Membership

VP - Programs

VP- Professional Development

VP - Talent Management

VP - Technology

Sponsors and Partners

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