BizSIG: The SIG for People Guiding Talent Development

Calling all learning professionals who must demonstrate strong consulting skills to successfully guide organizations toward optimal performance!

Internal learning professionals – Ensure your ability to practice the most effective behaviors and processes for internal consulting within your organization. The consulting competencies you’ll gain from being part of this group can be put to use on the job immediately

External Consultants – Tired of shouting over the ‘noise level’ out there? Why is it everyone believes they can consult? You owe it to your clients to separate yourself – an expert – from the wannabe’s.

This group is specifically targeted to ultra-talented individuals who want to elevate their skills and better serve their clients.

Being hungry for new skills and ways to serve your clients is a pre-requisite to be part of this group.

We picked Monday as our meeting date to kick off your week with excitement and knowledge you can put to work immediately.

Although we have topics and content planned for BizSIG, we want your input and ideas. A portion of the first meeting is for planning: We’ll share what we have planned and then you tell what you want to keep, throw out, and add in.  Come and make the BizSIG your own SIG by sharing your ideas!

Why You Should be Part of the BizSIG:

  • Discover how to become an absolute necessity to your clients
  • Learn models, techniques, and tools you can use to consult with your clients and move from organizational “order taker” to true contributing partner.
  • Apply strategies for success, including working across organizational boundaries, providing feedback to executive leaders, and gaining buy-in.
  • Evaluate your skills and identify your developmental needs as a consultant.

Still need reasons to be part of the BizSIG?

  • For every dollar spent on organizational learning, the organization receives $30 return on productivity – as consultants we are a driving force of learning
  • Without a backend consultancy effort behind learning, 50% of learned knowledge is lost before implementation – as consultants we can dramatically raise that 30 to 1 return ratio on productivity.
  • 60% of US employees say they were overworked in 2014, as consultants we guide organizations to solutions that directly help people.

It doesn’t end there, you also gain…

  • Connection - Network with other ultra-talented consultants who understand and face the challenges you face
  • Technology Knowledge - Technology and information changes come fast and furious – stay up on the trends by learning from your peers.
  • Visibility – Separate yourself from the noise and the crowd. Greater credibility is just one decision away.

About the Facilitators:

Jeffrey Hansler, author of Sell Little Red Hen! Sell! published in eleven languages, is a consultant and educator. An expert at organizational development, leadership, and persuasive communication, he is well versed in our industry with extensive consulting experience in construction, healthcare, government, tech, manufacturing, and service.

How to become a member of the BizSIG

The BizSIG is setup slightly differently than our other ATD-OC SIGs. Taking a page from formal executive groups (Vistage, Catapult, etc.), we have adopted a membership model. Members will serve as the core voice of the group and guide the focus, topics, speakers, and special events for the SIG. Members will also have access to the Mastermind Groups established within the BizSIG.

To be a member of the BizSIG, you must be a current member of ATD-OC

For 2015, membership is limited to 30 members. At the end of each year, current members will vote on the membership limit for the upcoming year.

The fee for membership is $20 for the year. To become a member, please contact Denise Ross at ATD-OC, 714-527-4785 or

The BizSIG is also different from our other SIGs in that our meetings have a fee.

  • $10 – BizSIG members
  • $20 – for ATD-OC members and affiliates: ATD-IE, ATD-LA, ATD-SD, ISPI-OC, ISPI-LA
  • $30 – for non-members

The fees are used for meeting, speaker, and special project expenses.

If you have any questions, please contact Denise Ross or the BizSIG Leader – Jeffrey Hansler at

Progress – Training – Experience – Skills – Knowledge - Practice

– It’s all waiting for you at the BizSIG

We'd like to thank Webster University for all their support.

2016 BizSIG Sessions:

If you are passionate about your job, your role within the organization, innovation at your organization, and your ideas, join us for one or all of the following BizSIG sessions.

December: Second discussion of Entry and Contracting on this project and assignments.

January: Debrief and discussion of activities and findings from individuals and teams, and then possibly moving on to actions regarding Discovery and Dialogue (decision will depend on the results from the field).

February: Second discussion of Discovery and Dialogue on the ATD-OC project and assignments.

March:  Debrief and discussion of activities and findings from individuals and teams, and then possibly moving on to actions regarding Feedback and the Decision to Act (decision will depend on the results from the field).

April: Second discussion of Feedback and the Decision to Act on the ATD-OC project and assignments.

May: Debrief and discussion of activities and findings from individuals and teams, and then possibly moving on to actions regarding Engagement and Implementation (decision will depend on the results from the field).

June: Second discussion of Engagement and Implementation on the ATD-OC project and assignments.

August: Debrief and discussion of activities and findings from individuals and teams, and then possibly moving on to actions regarding Extension, Recycle, or Termination (decision will depend on the results from the field).

September: Second discussion of Extension, Recycle, or Termination on the ATD-OC project and assignments.


A project like this has never been done within ATD-OC. We are learning as we grow.

Every meeting will share new skills and methods to engage stakeholders. Every meeting will provide knowledge and wisdom that you can apply for your career and organization.

Instructional designers, trainers, managers…Don’t think you’re a consultant. Think again.

Remember, Peter Block’s definition of a consultant: a consultant is a person who is trying to have some influence over a group or organization but has no direct power to make changes or implement programs. You will be provided tools to widen your sphere of influence.

Why use made up role-plays for applying the methods from Peter Block’s book Flawless Consulting Flawless: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used when we have a real client available: ATD-OC.

Individuals and dynamic teams will work through the five phases of this consulting project:

1.    Entry and contracting

2.    Discovery and dialogue

3.    Feedback and the decision to act

4.    Engagement and implementation

5.    Extension, recycle, or termination

National ATD members, ATD-OC members, executives, ATD Board Members, and SIG leaders, meeting attendees, and even non-members of ATD-OC will be part of this project.

The objective of the project is to guide ATD-OC in adding even greater value to membership.

Tony Bingham, President and CEO of ATD, said in discussions with C-Suite executives, innovation was their top priority not ROI. They are focused on innovation: creating, supporting, and growing innovation within their organizations.

That is what we’re looking to discover: Offering ATD-OC member’s greater value through innovation. This project is likely to impact all aspects of ATD-OC.

Want to discover how to be more innovative within your organization? Then get involved in this project!

Carry away tools to widen your sphere of influence. The word that best describes Peter Block’s work is authentic. And that’s how you will describe your experience in this session and with this project: authentic.

Come ready to take your skills to the next level and join us in the fun and learning.

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