BizSIG:  For Initiative-taking Individuals in Talent Development

The BizSIG serves the needs of internal and external organizational development practitioners.

If you are a facilitator, trainer, instructional designer, organizational development specialist, manager, coach, consultant…the BizSIG is for YOU!

The BizSIG offers learning and networking opportunities through programs focusing on business and talent development results. The content of BizSIG programs apply to all types of organizations: government, non-profit, not-for-profit, and for-profit organizations.

While there are multiple roles in organizational development, all of them focus on skill development and growth of individuals improving the organizations they serve.

Why Join BizSIG:

Upcoming events

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  • Add to your knowledge and skills while growing your talent development network 
  • Become an absolute necessity to internal and external clients 
  • Discover techniques moving you from organizational “order taker” to contributing partner 
  • Apply result-achieving strategies by working across organizational boundaries, providing feedback to executive leaders, and gaining buy-in 
  • Network with other ultra-talented OD Specialists facing similar challenges 
  • Stay current on trends while learning from your peers 
  • Evaluate your skills and identify developmental opportunities for your future

The BizSIG is innovative. It all began in 2015 with our experimentation of hybrid meeting formats. That’s right - 5 years before the pandemic! The BizSIG also sparked the idea for the new and soon to be released virtual ATD-OC Total Trainer University. We experiment with content, delivery, pricing, media, presenters, topics, and design. For 2022, the BizSIG is innovating again, with a mastermind format.

In our mastermind format, you share, discuss, add learning points and counterpoints, and apply the knowledge gleaned from hosts and colleagues.

The BizSIG is for people on the L&D fast-track. Each meeting agenda includes learning points and time for sharing knowledge and experience. Volunteer for a SPOTLIGHT POSITION in advance of the meeting and receive recommendations and insights from participants of the meeting. Download and fill out this FORM.

ATD-OC Mastermind Format

There are three cycles within the agenda. Because of the time limit, mastermind participation is limited to ten (10) individuals – usually the first ten which sign up for the program, though they may opt out of the mastermind circle, when there are more than ten individuals. Time permitting, additional participant questions and insights are invited.

Prepare for the meeting by jotting down your experiences and questions regarding the topic for the meeting.

Agenda Format

1.     Intro and networking – 10 min

  • Organic networking. New ATD-OC members given opportunity to talk about themselves

2.     Learning points shared by hosts and questions answered – 15 min

  • Learning points of the topic are shared by hosts who answer any questions in the time available

3.     Cycle One: Mastermind "hotseats" share – 15 min

  • Mastermind participants ask a question of the group regarding the program topic
  • Time permitting, questions are received from other participants

4.     Cycle Two: Mastermind "hotseats" ask – 15 min

  • Mastermind participants share an insight, experience, or 1 minute story related to the program topic
  • Time permitting, insights are received from other participants

5.     Cycle Three: Mastermind "hotseats" apply – 15 min

  • Mastermind participants share one action – an application of something they learned in the program - they will carry out experimenting with their new learning.
  • Time permitting, commitments are received from other participants

6.     Spotlight Discussion – 10 min

  • A spotlight discussion of an issue or upcoming situation is randomly chosen from those who submitted their form prior to the meeting – spotlight discussion may or may not be related to program topic
  • If no spotlight discussion was submitted, then open group discussion is commenced

7.      Open Discussion: With time available, all parties have an opportunity for questions, suggestions, and discussion – 10 min

8.      Wrap-up – 2 min

About the BizSIG Facilitators:

Jeffrey Hansler, CSP, CMP, author of Sell Little Red Hen! Sell! published in eleven languages, is a consultant and educator.

An expert at organizational development, leadership, and persuasive communication, which includes skills of innovation, influence, negotiation, sales, body language, micro-expressions, finance, and authority, he has been part of the L&D industry since 1988 and is experienced in construction, finance, healthcare, government, unions, tech, manufacturing, and service.

Jeffrey served as an ATD-OC board member from 2014-2020. VP Marketing, President-Elect, President, and Past President.

Jeffrey is a Certified Scuba Instructor and loves surfing, freediving, kite surfing, flying, and rodeo. He won his first rodeo buckle in 1990.

He may be reached at

Rona Lewis is a former C-level advertising sales exec and recognized expert in corporate purposeful and attuned play for productivity.

Rona is co-founder of Playful Mind Project, an organization changing corporate culture, igniting ideas, and exponentially increasing employee productivity through purposeful and attuned play.

Rona is a frequent guest on TV, radio programs, and podcasts from San Francisco to New York. Her articles are featured in Corporate Wellness Magazine, Town and Country Magazine, and New York’s Pierless Magazine.

Rona is a certified Reiki Master and loves cooking, running, playing tennis, and glamping.

She may be reached at

Also, Rona and Jeffrey are hosts of the BizSouls, a podcast delving into the heart and soul of business and the people who make it happen. BizSouls is fast-paced, funny and informative. Biz-Souls Podcast

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