How does CPLPTM benefit your Organization?

Key Benefits enjoyed by organizations employing/utilizing CPLP™ Credential Holders:

  • Organizational growth and profitability: There is a direct correlation between the effectiveness of your human performance improvement programs and the growth and profitability experienced by your organization.
  • Subject-matter experts:CPLP™ credential holders prove they have an advanced understanding of the theories behind human performance and how to apply these to ensure positive business impact and results. 
  • Increased stakeholder confidence:Internal clients and company executives can trust that the CPLP™ performance professional has the knowledge and skills to deliver effective programs. This individual has an understanding of industry best practices that align an organization’s performance efforts toward unified goals. 
  • Increased employee retention and satisfaction: The CPLP has a depth and breadth of knowledge in workplace learning and performance including training, managing and facilitating organizational change and measuring performance outcomes. By employing or contracting a CPLP™ credential holder you are investing in your employees’ professional development, demonstrating your commitment to them. In turn, they will be more engaged and committed to the organization.
  • Community within the profession: CPLP’s have access to valuable content, progressive initiatives and interventions, programs and opportunities through their network of professionals.

CPLP™ credential holders are grounded in Business Acumen. 

Each CPLP has established expertise in the foundational competencies of Interpersonal, Business & Management and Personal Skills. 

  • Interpersonal: Working with, managing, and influencing people, policy, and change.
  • Business and Management: Analyzing situations, making decisions, and implementing solutions.
  • Personal: Adapting to change and making personal decisions to enhance their career.

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