ATD-OC Members Experience Immersive Technology in Learning!

03/11/2024 10:52 AM | Paul Venderley (Administrator)

How can immersive technology aid in the achievement of learning objectives? That's what the Training and Technology SIG asked in last month's meeting exploring extended reality.

The group met at the CraneMorley offices, where a team of instructional designers with experience creating mixed reality and virtual reality training interventions showed off the various projects they had worked on.

After a networking event that got everyone talking (once they translated what they had been prompted to talk about), participants were given a quick introduction to what extended reality covers and then split into two groups. 

One group experienced L&D content created using mixed reality tools within the Hololens 2.  The other group experienced L&D content in virtual reality via the Meta Quest 2. The groups swapped midway through the event.

As participants experienced the training courses in each of these mediums, they saw how both mixed reality and virtual reality take advantage of the ability to augment or completely change the environment in which the learner exists to provide more engaging and resonant learning opportunities.

TTSIG attendees discussing and experiencing how Mixed Reality applications can support L&D initiatives.

Learning Objectives achieved in the Mixed Reality content:

  • Spatially locate HVAC components within a Porsche 911
  • Connect and assemble a residential meter set assembly
  • Locate the position of underground gas lines within two inches

Learning Objectives achieved in the Virtual Reality content:

  • Explain and perform shoulder dystocia resolution maneuvers
  • Reduce the associated risks when working on or near electrified propulsion vehicles

“We’ve heard a lot about XR, but this is the first time we’ve had the chance to see it in an L&D environment,” said one participant.

"It was really great to connect in person, and actually experience how these tools can work in person, rather than watching a video," shared another.  "It was cool."

What’s next for the Training and Technology SIG?

“Recently, KPMG published a report in which business leaders shared their opinion that the top three emerging technologies that will have the biggest impact on their business over the next year will be Generative AI, 5G, and Augmented Reality.  We’ve tackled augmented reality, so we figured next we’ll look at Generative AI,” said SIG Leader Paul Venderley. 

“However, at our heart, we’re focused on training solutions that can be applied to the bulk of the organizations with which we work.”

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You can learn more about the Training and Technology SIG here.

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