Impactful Learning: Transforming L&D with Generative AI ~ Training & Technology SIG

  • 04/30/2024
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Webinar
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This month, we are excited to explore how Generative AI has evolved in just one year since it became the latest technological innovation to buzz the Learning and Development (L&D) field.

Join us for a panel discussion that delves into the transformative power of Generative AI in the L&D industry. This online conversation will bring together three industry experts who have explored ways Generative AI can evolve from a flash-in-the-pan gimmick to a valuable tool that enhances productivity, learning retention, or both.

Attendees will gain comprehensive insights into the application, effectiveness, and ethical considerations of generative AI within the realm of education and professional development.

Why Attend?

Whether you're an L&D professional, an educator, or simply AI-curious, you'll leave with a deeper understanding of how generative AI can be harnessed to create more impactful, engaging, and personalized learning experiences. Moreover, you'll gain insights into navigating the ethical implications and be equipped to think critically about the future of technology in education.

Don't miss this opportunity to engage with thought leaders at the cutting edge of Generative AI and L&D. Register now to secure your spot in this compelling conversation that promises to challenge, inspire, and empower.

We look forward to seeing you there!

About Our Panelists:

 Chris Johnson 

Chris Johnson is the Application Expert at SimInsights Inc. He leads companies into the XR world, working closely with industry experts and learning engineers to design and develop VR/AR training modules for deployment across a variety of hardware platforms and learning objectives. Chris holds a BS in Simulation and Design from DeVry University.

 Dr. Andrea Munro

Dr. Munro has 15+ years of experience training educators on best practices for curriculum design and virtual learning in both the K-12 and higher education arenas. Serving as the Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Instructional Innovation at UMass Global, she leads teams overseeing instructional design, academic technology, digital learning resources, and learning management systems. Dr. Munro also provides consultancy services for the development of self-paced microlearning solutions tailored to the professional learning requirements of educators, on projects for entities such as the California and Maryland education departments. Driven by her dedication to enhancing online learner engagement, her research is highlighted in recent publications found in the Wiley Online Library, focusing on Interactive, Multimodal Instructional Design (Munro, 2019) and Immersive Deep Learning Activities Online (Murray-Johnson, Munro, & Popoola, 2021). Her latest endeavors involve leveraging Generative AI to bolster microlearning solutions pertinent to the workforce, with her insights showcased in a co-presentation featured in Cengage’s Empower Educator conference.

 Josh Cavalier

Josh Cavalier started his career in 1994 as a Senior Art Director for an eLearning company. He was responsible for creating engaging eLearning experiences for the banking Industry.

Josh founded Lodestone Digital, a software training company, in 1999. Lodestone went on to train more than 20 thousand students worldwide on digital media tools.

Josh has since performed workshops for Fortune 500 companies and US military branches. From the floor of the NY Stock Exchange to the assembly line of the F-35 Lightning to numerous corporate headquarters, including Microsoft, Lockheed-Martin, Marriott, Lowes, and Pizer, to name a few.

"It's time to take all the business lessons and proven strategies I've learned, and apply them to Generative AI!"

Our Facilitator:

Paul Venderley 
Paul Venderley is interested in seeing how technology collaborates with training to create relevant solutions that meet course objectives.  As the leader of the Training and Technology SIG, he unabashedly uses ATD-OC is his "sandbox" to see how the latest training tech could work for the talent development field.

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This program aligns with:

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Capability(s): Technology Application

Disruption via technology will continue to be a reality for organizations and talent development functions. Talent development professionals must have the ability to identify, select, and implement the right learning and talent technologies that serve the best interests of the organization and its people. Practitioners should be able to identify opportunities to adapt and leverage the right technologies at the right time to meet organizational goals.

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