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OlaHana: Relatively new name. Same collaborative bent, creativity, and critical thinking alongside that career-long drive Toward Results Fit To Print™ (many examples, quantified)! youʻve come to know from OlaComm/KBA, KBA/DesignWrite, and KBA! (KBA remains OlaHana’s parent.)

In the Native Hawaiian language representing 25% of my heritage, “ola” means “life” and “hana” means “work.”

Infusing both with the values of aloha, I fortify business, academia, and the community through organizational effectiveness consulting (which includes L&D and systemic DEI plus more), professional development and public outreach, and editorial services.

A lifelong learner, I hold a MS in organization & management and a BA in communications plus certificates in HR management and professional meetings & event planning.Top industries served itilities/energy, healthcare delivery/life sciences, financial services, automotive, aerospace, consumer retail (food and nonfood), real estate development, and professional services.
Service Description
As 100+ businesses have over the years, yours can benefit from my offerings in:

🌠Organizational Effectiveness🌠
Assessment/audit/research/analysis • Strategy • Policy, process, workflow, and procedure design/redesign • Talent management • Workforce performance improvement • Learning design/redesign • Communications (messaging, events, and stakeholder relations) • Implementation • Measurement and evaluation • Interim leadership
📌 Note: This skill set also lends itself to your initiatives for equity in quality–of–life policy, programs, and services alongside your initiatives around the social determinants of health. Delighted to help!

🌠Professional Development and Public Outreach🌠
Fully customized, research- and performance-based, experience-backed workshops and coaching sessions for business • Tailored keynotes, panel presentations, and breakouts • Media interviews and commentary
📌 Subjects: Writing and editing (from the basics to workplace leader development as reviewers. editors, and coaches) • Learning strategy and design • Systemic diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, human rights, accessibility/accommodations, and neurodiversity • HR for the non-HR manager • Others

🌠Editorial Services🌠
Substantive editing • Line editing/copyediting • Fact checking • Proofreading • eLearning, app, and website QA • Custom template and style guide development • Publications project management
📌 Style familiarity: AMA • AP • APA • Chicago • Gregg • Microsoft • MLA
📌 Terminology: Accounting • Architecture • Education • Engineering • IT • Legal • Medical
📌 Extensive experience working with people who are nonnative speakers of English and with people having neurodivergent conditions

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