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What a blessing it is to have served numerous for-profits (from solopreneurs to Fortune 500/Global 1000 multinationals) along with nonprofits and public agencies over the years!

Such opportunities have lent a breadth and depth of experience in all of ADDIE and HPT alongside participant-centered and Modern learning for technical/job skills, leadership, and professional development. Same goes for most other areas of organizational effectiveness (OE).

I also enjoy my concurrent work with many of these entities in a dozen or so internal and external communication specialties along with revenue generation (development for nonprofits) and customer service, IT, corporate governance, R&D, HR operations, finance, and facilities!

Finally, a special shout-out goes to ATD (before 2014, OC-, LA-, Regional/Area, and National ASTD)!

The entire ASTD food chain catapulted me into true co-ownership of the antiracism, DEIA | DEIB and neurodiversity spaces with other SMEs in those areas starting in 1989. Between that and professional work going back to the start of the decade with managers ahead of their time, I'm proud to to be among the field's pioneers. The uber-intersectionality I bring from birth plus some truly history-making experiences from the 1960s onward have, as others have said, made me a "genuine rarity among rarities" in L&D, strategic HR, OE, and possibly even business itself.

All the above AND my relentless curiosity (leading to participation in virtually everything the chapter had to offer) lifted me to President (October 1997–December 1998. . .I had held four Board positions, including CFO and VP Chapter Ops, before becoming President-Elect).

What our hard-working Boards and volunteers have accomplished since the chapter's 1970 inception has been, is, and will always be the gold standard for my involvement with other groups!

Forever grateful. . .💝
Service Description
✅INTERIM FORMAL LEADERSHIP (from Department Head/Manager to CXO)

When the visibility, credibility, and stature/viability of your entire organization are on the line…when systemic, systematic solutions to social justice and public policy issues matter…and the position’s reach involves a wide range of stakeholders inside and outside your entity!

♦ Internal and External Communications
♦ Organizational Effectiveness
♦ Learning and Development
♦ People/Human Resources


When removing roadblocks to successful individual and team results are critical...helping ensure they stay well as for work on post-strategy solutions (e.g., learning/training, communications, publications), IT, and HR! See LinkedIn for the full list.

♦ Project Pre-Kickoff and Full Kickoff
♦ Team-Stakeholder Relations for Performance Solutions
♦ Needs Assessments • Performance Analysis
♦ Strategy and Planning Documents
♦ Templates and Writing • Branding • Confidentiality Standards
♦ Event Co-Planning and Marketing
♦ All Levels of Material Review, Editing, and QA Throughout Project/Program
♦ Vendor Relations
♦ Content Development and Days-Of-Event Assistance
♦ Measurement & Evaluation
♦ Group Facilitation


When fun, highly interactive, and practical workshops, consulting/coaching sessions, staff and ERG/BRG meetings, and speaking engagements (platform or panel) demand someone who does (the hands-on work) and researches as well as tailors and teaches! See LinkedIn for the full list.

♦ Business Writing and Editing**
♦ Technical Writing and Editing**
♦ Instructional Design (ADDIE • Agile • Modern Learning) **
♦ Word Choice, Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling
♦ Writing Assignment/Project Leadership**
♦ Neurodiversity (PK-12, higher ed, and other settings)**
♦ ADAAA and Rehab Act Related Accommodations**
♦ Accessible Materials and Meetings/Events**
♦ BOWdacity™ in the Face of Harassment and Bullying**
♦ “A Walking DEIA | DEIB and Neurodiversity Universe: Succeeding While Straddling the Social Justice and Social Darwinism Divides”**

* Reporting to the CEO or the Board of Directors
** Can be made document- as well as participant content-specific
** Multiple perspectives brought to these sensitive topics— including leader/manager, teacher/trainer, instructional designer, and student/employee; offered through OlaHana's Triumphs, Abilities, and Blessings (TAB)

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