Trainers' SIG

Attend the Trainers' SIG to build your presentation and delivery skills. This group focuses on topics important to those of us who deliver training and webinars.

Upcoming events

    • Learn from experienced facilitators
    • Network with other professionals
    • Practice and increase your skills

Who should attend:

    • Trainers and Presenters
    • Training managers, instructional designers, and SMEs who deliver presentations
    • Students and professionals in transition who want to know more about training

Meet the Team

Co-managing ATD-OC’s Trainers' SIG in 2022 will be long-time ATD-OC manager and leading partner Anthony Harmetz; Britt Wilson, a passionate communicator, content creator, and facilitator; and Elizabeth Castro, whose sharp wit and infectious positivity serve to accelerate learning and application. Please help us welcome these exceptional L&D professionals to our SIG leadership team!

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Sponsors and Partners

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