What is CPLP?

Based on the ATD Competency Model, the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) credential provides talent development professionals the ability to prove their worth to employers and to be confident in their knowledge of the field. The CPLP™ is the only credential of its kind for workplace learning and performance (WLP) professionals developed and administered by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Certification Institute (CI).

CareerJournal.com, a journal community operated by The Wall Street Journal, estimates that 78,000 people will enter the Training and Development field between 2004 and 2014. With so many new practitioners, it is important to have a standardized measure that showcases expertise, quantifies experience, and proves credibility within the field. The ASTD CI built the CPLP™ credential to provide a way for WLP professionals to prove their value to employers and be confident about their knowledge.


CPLP credential holders provide key benefits to organizations:

  • Organization growth and profitability
  • Subject-matter experts
  • Increase stakeholder confidence
  • Increased employee retention and satisfaction
  • Community within the profession

CPLP™ professionals may serve in a variety of roles, according to specific project or job requirements. These roles include Learning Strategist, Project Manager, Business Partner or Professional Specialist.

Why Certification?

Some of the most common reasons to pursue certification include:

  • Increase opportunities for career advancement and/or increase earnings
  • Differentiation in a competitive job market
  • Increase/validate skills and knowledge
  • Support continued professional development
  • Demonstrate a high level of commitment to the field of practice
  • Demonstrate high level of knowledge and skill
  • Recognition by a third party
  • Enhance professional reputation
  • Communicate credibility
  • Personal accomplishment

Sponsors and Partners

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