2021 Board of Directors Election

Voting closes Monday, September 28, 5pm

Exercise your right to vote for those who should lead the
ATD-Orange County Chapter! 

Voter Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Must be an ATD-OC member in good standing who joined on or before September 29.
  • Each member is allowed to submit a single ballot. (If more than one ballot is submitted by a member, the last ballot received will be counted as the official ballot.)
  • You may write in candidates. Any write-in candidate(s) must meet the qualifications as stated in the bylaws to be elected.

Candidates and Statements

Listed below are the open positions and slate of candidates with their statements.  



Gillian Wilson

This is a non-elected position.

As the President for the ATD-Orange County Chapter, I will collaborate with and also support the board in order to achieve chapter goals.

I have been an ATD-OC member and volunteer since 2015, VP Technology 2017-2018, and President-Elect 2019-2020.

I have a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and relocated from the UK to Orange County over 10 years ago. Since coming to this wonderful area I have diversified career-wise, and have been involved with IT, HR and Corporate Compliance training and training systems for large healthcare and technology organizations. 


President Elect

Lynn Nissen

Lynn Nissen is a Learning and Development professional with 10+ years’ experience in Bio Tech, Manufacturing, and High-Tech organizations.  She has been a member of ATD-OC since 2018.

As President Elect, she hopes to support the President in achieving the chapter goals, prepare for the position of President and learn new ways to contribute her skills and abilities.

As VP Talent Management, she was able to meet many new members and volunteers.  She has been passionate about helping volunteers find an opportunity that makes them happy.  This understanding of what motivates our volunteers and chapter members will inform her viewpoint as President Elect.

Lynn believes that ATD-OC provides Learning and Development professionals with a broader understanding of their profession, through its programs and learning opportunities, through the interaction with other members and through an investment in their own skill development and growth.

The benefits of a professional network can be challenging to quantify. For members of ATD-OC, the professional enrichment is enhanced, by a sense of community and professional relationships. 

Her question for every chapter member is, “What are your career goals and how can ATD-OC help you achieve them?” 

In addition to all things training and learning, she also enjoys reading, visiting gardens, and spending time with her family.

 Chief Financial Officer

Don McGray

Don Mc Gray is a management consultant with an L&D background who brings extensive business experience to ATD-OC. He has managed several support departments, understands how to communicate with both the C-Suite and operational line managers to improve productivity in the company.

Don’s passion is ensuring L&D departments add value to the organization by reducing “learning scrap”- training that is not applied on the job. His goal is to help ensure that learning is applied on the job and transfer into business results. Don’s focus is on the business impact resulting for training (Level 3,4, and 5 of the Kirkpatrick model)

Don Joined ATD-OC in 2014. He became Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in 2015 and has continued in that role for the past 3 years (2015- 2018). Don’s goal as CFO is to provide ATD-OC financials in a similar format that one would see at the company financial meetings, with year-to-date and year-end projections, thereby allowing Board members to understand how the financials can force strategy changes to meet their goals.


Ranya Ebrahim

Ranya Ebrahim is an instructional design consultant with over a decade of experience in art education, graphic and multimedia design, and sales. Ranya has a Master of Arts degree in Training and Development with an emphasis in Instructional Design. She has been a member of ATD-OC since 2018 and a volunteer since 2019. She is currently developing an eLearning course on building an online portfolio for ATD-OC members. Ranya has designed and developed content for the recent ATD-OC Career virtual webinar series.

As the ATD-OC Secretary elect, Ranya is committed to assuming the role and duties of the Board Secretary, which includes the accurate documentation of board decisions, discussions, and strategic planning during Board meetings. Ranya is excited to contribute to ATD-OC's mission to help others achieve their full potential at the workplace and support their professional development.

 Vice President, Marketing

Michele Bivens

Hello! A little about me. I have been in the training field for the majority of my working life, and I have a passion for developing others. I have a history of volunteering in various capacities from mentoring students at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), Speaking at the Human Resources Association at CSULB, Participating in job fairs and mock interviewing, and serving on the board of the Professionals in Human Resources Association for over eight years. As a current Training Director and former business owner, I understand the importance of a well-delivered, engaging message. Further, I know that developing and implementing a communication plan for daily, weekly and monthly communication is critical to the success of any program. I will use my experience to ensure a thoughtful plan is devloped utilizing what is currently in place while bringing my ideas to make it better. I have a knack at getting work done while collaborating with others to ensure a positive outcome. I hope you will support me in my desire to take on this new challenge. I will not let you down. Thank you!

Co-Vice President,
Professional Development - Training Institute

Tracy Byrnes

Tracy Byrnes is a Learning and Development professional with 20+ years of experience in the medical device and managed healthcare industries. She is currently a Leadership Development Senior Specialist at Edwards Lifesciences.  

As a VP of Professional Development, Tracy looks forward to supporting the Total Trainer programs in their mission to develop and elevate the skills of local training professionals. She also looks forward to the opportunity to work with, learn from and contribute to the Board. 

Tracy has been both a member of ATD-OC and a CPTD since 2018. When she isn’t training, she also enjoys reading and singing, songwriting and performing with her husband in their band, The Fallen Stars.

Co-Vice President,
Professional Development - Workshops

Briana Koeppe

Briana Koeppe is the Learning and Development Manager for McCarthy Building Companies in Newport Beach. Briana’s primary role includes managing the Southern California Region’s training program including needs analysis, instructional design, content delivery, workshop facilitation, LMS administration, communications, and SME coaching. She works with both regional and company-wide teams to ensure that learning solutions and resources tie back to the business goals.   

Briana has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Cal Poly Pomona with an emphasis in Human Resources. She looks forward to sharing her passion for professional development and is honored to have the opportunity to work with those outside of her organization who share similar passions. 

As Co-VP, Professional Development, Briana will bring experience, passion and leadership to ATD-OC (ATD). She is eager to provide insightful and relevant professional development for all chapter members. When not working, Briana is a volunteer resume coach and likes board games, dancing, and participating in obstacle course runs.

Vice President, Programs

Steve Thomas

Steve is passionate about impacting the quality of life of others by adding value through coaching, speaking and mentoring. Currently, he partners with organizations to solve business issues by developing their greatest asset, PEOPLE, through Dale Carnegie programs.

Steve has obtained a Masters’ Degree in Human Services Counseling with an Executive Leadership concentration from Liberty University. Described by a Dale Carnegie Master Trainer* as “extremely supportive, coupled with authenticity” and a “true leader”, Steve recognizes that ongoing education has been invaluable in consulting with various individual clients and organizations.

If it were not for attending an evening ATD-OC event, I would not have connected with Dale Carnegie. Contributing to the local Orange County chapter would allow me to come ”full circle” and support others in discovering the next steps in their professional development careers. 

 Vice President,
Talent Management

Kim-Khue Chieffo

Kim is a learning and development professional with over 20 years of experience facilitating and developing technical and professional training programs for corporate clients.  She is the Founder and Principal of Sustainable Inner Power, where she and her team partner with small to medium-sized clients to develop interventions for improving individual and team performance, conflict resolution, and leadership capacity.  Kim is also the owner of Challenge Island, a top-three STEAM and common core based after-school program for students ages 4 to 14.  The goal here is to set the stage for developing 21st-century leadership skills using STEAM concepts.

Kim has held several volunteer roles with ATD National and ATD-OC since 2012; she is currently co-leader of the Change Leadership SIG.  Kim is passionate about sharing her experiences as an ATD member and volunteer with prospective and new members, connecting volunteers with the right opportunities, and recognizing volunteers who continue the “esprit de corps” of ATD-OC.

 Vice President, Membership


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