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04/05/2024 1:06 AM | Paul Venderley (Administrator)

We’re driven by the transformative power of knowledge sharing and community engagement. So it’s not enough to host an event for our members; we want to capture the essence of our meetings and document it so others might catch a glimpse of the insights and ideas their peers received.  We’re looking for a person to fill a role which we could call “Writer,” but are thinking of calling: “Chapter Correspondent,” or “Event Historian.” 

We're looking for:

  •  Someone who can capture the key points/takeaways from our events and share them with our community 

  •  Someone who will determine how our members benefitted from an event and share those ideas with our community

In this role, you will explore how our events catalyze personal and professional growth. You’ll highlight the journey of our members from learners to leaders. 

What Skills You Will Develop and Enhance


  • Skill in conceiving, developing, and delivering information in various formats and media, for example reports, briefings, memorandums, presentations, articles, and emails.

  • Skill in using communication strategies that inform and influence audiences.

  • Skill in expressing thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a clear, concise, and compelling manner.

Lifelong Learning

  • Knowledge of resources for career exploration and lifelong learning for self and others.

(Do these skills sound familiar? They should. They're directly linked to ATD’s capabilities model.)

Here are some examples of previous articles.

Future articles don’t need to be exactly like these.  Those were created by one person, with their own style. You will be encouraged to write in your own recognizable voice and let it grow. 

If you are interested in developing your written voice or are motivated by the opportunity to make a significant impact through your writing and storytelling, we warmly invite you to join our team as... 

“Chapter Correspondent?” 

“Event Historian?” 

We’ll let you decide.

Fill out a Volunteer Interest Form or just email your interest at

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