Trainers' SIG ~ Posture, Power & Presence

  • 09/18/2015
  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Webster University, 32 Discovery, Irvine CA 92618
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In this highly interactive session, you will learn the basis of Power and Presence, key factors in gaining and retaining the attention of your participants, creating impact, and persuading your audience of your ideas.  

Presence is one of the reasons cited that explains why taller people statistically make more money.  While Dr. Cynthia can't teach you height, she will teach you tools that will help you project a level of power and presence that will be instantly recognized, respected, and ultimately rewarded by others.

Your body and mental state reveal everything about you. Dr. Cynthia will help you understand the physiological basis of Power and Presence as she shows you some simple, yet strategic changes that will easily transform your "presence" and have an immediate positive impact not only on your audience but on everyone you meet.

As outcomes of this session, you will:

  • Have a profound experience of putting yourself in a state of power and presence
  • Learn to turn those indicators on at will to impact and influence those around you
  • Be able to calm yourself down before important meetings and presentations

Just imagine... If you could be more engaging, entertaining and charismatic, how soon would you put that skill to use? 

About Our Presenter

Dr. Cynthia uses her experience in the language of the body to help organizations and individuals use the most powerful tool they have to be better communicators, both with themselves and others, so they can be more persuasive, make more money, and live happier, healthier lives. With over 25 years helping patients from infants to octogenarians and Olympic athletes, Dr. Cynthia also had the honor of being selected as the Chiropractor for the All Women's Americas Cup team as they made history.

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