[Webinar] Training and Technology SIG: The Storyboard: Your eLearning Project Blueprint

  • 05/18/2017
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
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Once the Program Outline has been approved, the next iterative design document for our eLearning project will be the storyboard.

Designing eLearning content requires the marshalling of several disparate assets into one visual package.  Before we begin this herculean effort, we want to script out exactly what that visual package will include.  A storyboard documents, among other things:

  • what the learner will see and hear
  • how the learner will interact with the content
  • how the learner will navigate through the course

In ATD-OC's May Training and Technology Special Interest Group, we will discuss the benefits of creating a storyboard before diving into the deep end that is eLearning development.  We will examine different storyboard templates, and how to turn those templates into an effective blueprint for your eLearning. 

If you've already created your own storyboard, we invite you to share your template with us and how it aided (or hindered) your course development.

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ATD-Orange County prides itself on providing a community in which its members can professionally develop themselves through unique opportunities that don't necessarily exist in the world of online videos and networking seminars. This SIG is such an opportunity: a blend of practical knowledge, experiential learning, and partnerships unique to Orange County.

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