[Webinar] Training and Technology SIG: Storyboard Review

  • 08/17/2017
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Your nearest computer connection


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Expectations for this meeting:

  1. Upload storyboards to the project’s Google Drive (you’ll find a link to it here) by Thursday, August 10 (got more work to do? That’s fine! But we need something up for the rest to review).
  2. Between Thursday, August 10 and Thursday, August 17, each project team member should review one storyboard from each of the other teams.  Identify if:
    • The module objectives will be met
    • The module will engage the learner
    • You can clearly picture how the learner will navigate the eLearning module
  3. On Thursday, August 17, we will be discussing the storyboards in course order.  Please come prepared to discuss the storyboard you reviewed.
    • What areas of the other teams’ projects interest you?
    • Do you see areas for improvement/clarity/engagement?

Please note: The goal is to create a module that knocks the socks off our client.  This will only be done with an open heart, mind, and willingness to accept the constructive criticism of our peers.

After this meeting, we’ll have until the end of the month to submit our final storyboards to the client for their approval.

Attendance is exclusive to ATD-Orange County members.

Why members only?

ATD-Orange County prides itself on providing a community in which its members can professionally develop themselves through unique opportunities that don't necessarily exist in the world of online videos and networking seminars. This SIG is such an opportunity: a blend of practical knowledge, experiential learning, and partnerships unique to Orange County.

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