The Secret to Learning: The Four Questions That Must Be Answered

  • 08/31/2011
  • Webinar

4MAT Advanced Instructional Design Certification Course is coming to Irvine, Ca-October 11-13. Learn more about the widely-used 4MAT® instructional design model in this free interactive web workshop:

The Secret to Learning: The Four Questions That Must Be Answered.

The secret to engaging instructional design and delivery: all learning includes the asking and answering of four questions. These questions form a cycle of learning. This four-part cycle applies to learning anything. You followed this cycle when you learned to ride a bike, when you learned that second language in high school and when you figured out that new software last week. Ok, maybe, you didn’t really learn that second language. However, I bet if you figured out why it would have something to do with one part of the cycle being skipped.

In this session, you’ll discover the four questions and which one is your favorite. We’ll see how the four questions create a model for instructional design and delivery. You’ll see what the trainer must do and what the learner must do in each part of the cycle to generate learning results.

  • Identify how your learning style influences how you design and deliver instruction
  • Explore what current brain research tells us must be included in a learning experience
  • Use the 4 Questions as a framework to lead training needs analysis, instructional design, delivery and assessment
  • Discover how to accelerate instructional design and increase training results using the 4-step 4MAT model

Web learning is easy. All you need is a computer with sound. If you want to talk live with the presenter, you can use a headset with a microphone.

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Facilitator: Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell, President and CEO of 4MAT 4Business®

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