Master the Art of Creating a Positive Workplace Culture - Monthly Learning Event

  • 04/26/2023
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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Businesses are made up of individuals and the cultures they create.

In this engaging talk, Business Anthropologist, Jenean Merkel Perelstein shares how workplace culture is the number one driver of staff efficiency, productivity, and happiness.

Looking at your organization through the lens of an anthropologist you will learn:

  • How your unique workplace culture defines how stable and productive your workforce is
  • How to define what your current workplace culture is, who shapes it, and the influence it has on productivity
  • How culture helps you understand the crucial difference between developing policies and enculturating practices
  • Why it is important focus on workplace culture to limit absenteeism and employee turnover
  • Why workplace culture is your most powerful lever to a successful business strategy

Any time you have more than one person in an organization, you have a culture. Within that culture you need to know who is influencing that culture, who is following that culture, and what are the impacts of your culture on your mission and strategy.

We dig deep into what your workplace culture is and how to define it. We will talk about who, what, when and how your culture is influenced- both positively and negatively. We will explore how to adapt nimbly to change in a wide variety of situations. Focus on workplace culture helps organizations build trust and respect amongst your teams, build rapport with remote teams as well as with customers and clients. And it is the foundation for developing skills for dealing with difficult conversations, toxic workplace habits, and managing conflict between workers.

Your workplace culture will form even if you do not do it purposefully. Learn how attention to your workplace culture can ensure your organization improves its positivity, productivity, and profitability.

About our Presenter: 

As a Sociocultural Anthropologist, Jenean Merkel Perelstein has studied behavior change across many different cultures. From the markets and prisons of India to the boardrooms across America, Jenean has learned and implemented change strategies that have saved lives and made fortunes.

Jenean is a Business Anthropologist, U.S. Patent holder, and revered speaker who worked as a medical anthropologist before becoming CEO of Alchemie Academy where she has enriched workplace culture for clients ranging from solopreneurs to Fortune 100 companies. When not speaking, she mentors organizations to grow their workplace culture, develop their leadership skills, and achieve a higher level of positivity, productivity, and profitability.

Jenean has created several programs in Leadership Development and Workplace Culture Enrichment where she provides training to clients worldwide and certifies coaches to use her models for their own clientele. This work is supported by her book Finding Your Lighthouse: A Leadership Guide to Navigating Change. Looking at organizational culture through the eyes of an anthropologist, Jenean passionately helps business professionals and organizations get out of their own way and become the powerful and recognized leaders that they are meant to be.

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