Supercharge Your "Stage" Presence to Amp Up Your Personal Brand - Monthly Learning Event

  • 06/28/2023
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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Click the video to hear a preview and Personal Invitation from our presenter, Erin Duffy...

    • We want to project a genuine and commanding presence.
    • We want our audience to tune in to what we say with interest.
    • We want to engage and inspire our audience.
    • And we want to be remembered.

    Yet, when we feel stressed or insecure in meetings or presentations, our words can freeze up, our voice can be diminished, and our genuine and inspiring presence can evaporate. Erin Duffy will show you that improving your "stage" presence is less about where you stand and how you speak and more about your INNER GAME.

    In the time we have together, Erin will focus on what she calls the “inner game” of stage presence. A clear personal frame of reference that you can project into the world with ease and confidence. To do the inner game well you need to understand yourself and master telling your own story of how you got to where you are and what qualifies you to stand in front of your audience. This is what helps you radiate a strong stage presence and embody your personal and professional brand.

    Erin will share practices that can connect your inner self to your outer voice. These will help you create a stronger impact, have a deeper connection with your audience, and become a more genuine and relatable speaker.

    These PRACTICES include:

    • Understanding the importance of knowing what makes you excited and how to use it to create a more dynamic presence.
    • Claiming your unique personal values and incorporating them into your narrative to make a deeper connection.
    • Owning and sharing your life-defining stories that differentiate you and qualify you to be speaking to your audience.

    Your personal stage presence is a powerful and effective way to create a strong impression. It projects your signature personality and worldview.

    Business professionals that know how to deliver a strong message that creates a connection with their audience get noticed and catapult their career.

    With a little discipline and following a few of Erin’s golden rules and practical steps, you can shine on "stage." You will express and project your “true self” with flare and ease. No matter your experience, you too can learn them and apply them so you can communicate with confidence and command your stage.

    About our Presenter: 

    Erin Duffy is a Career Transformation and Stage Presence Coach. She works with mid-career business professionals and leaders who struggle feeling fulfilled and confident and want to step into their personal power and advance their career. She helps them to clarify and own their unique personal story.  She believes our own stories hold the very insights that can transform our lives. In her highly curated programs, her clients develop a richer personal narrative by clarifying the stories behind their life experiences.  She then helps them to use the personal power of their story to catapult their career journey.  It is tapping into the same stories that also supercharges their personal brand and stage presence. 

    After 25 years of managing dual careers, as a senior executive at a creative agency by day and simultaneously as a singer/actor by night, she yearned to combine her dual tracks.  Out of that journey of search and discovery she found an insightful way to take the best of both and create her uniquely transformative programs and formed her company, InspirationSQRD. Her curated programs have enabled her clients to expand their horizons, remain faithful to their core values, and realize their aspirations.

    • Her "Own Your Story - Change Your Life" program enables her clients to clarify the stories behind their life experiences, personal values, traits, and skills. They also pinpoint their non-negotiables. They then use these insights as a compass to chart new career and life options.
    • Her "Stage Presence, Readiness, and Delivery" program enables her clients to tap into their personal insights borne out of their life stories to create a unique personal brand, a more impactful delivery, and a deeper connection with the audience.

    She loves guiding her clients to get clear on what they want, step into a more powerful version of themselves, and lead a more fulfilling career and life.  

    Erin, of course, has a deep passion for all things theater and film.  Ask her for a recommendation anytime and she will go on and on about the best thing to see next. 

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