CPLP Study Group

  • 10/06/2012
  • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Internet Connection - GoToWebinar


Registration is closed

This study group is now closed. The application process will open again in November for our next study group that will begin on January 5th.

2012 Cohort - CPLP™ Study Group

This is an online synchronous CPLP™ Study Group facilitated by CPLPs with expertise in each knowledge area.  This cohort is scheduled to prepare CPLP Candidates for the Fall 2012 CPLP Knowledge Exam window which opens on November 8, 2012. Additional CPLP Study Groups will be available for future exam cohorts. 

The Study Group consists of 11 online sessions, including an introduction and sessions dedicated to each Area of Expertise (AOE).  These 90-minute sessions, hosted on GoToWebinar™,  will be recorded and archived to our dedicated CPLP™ Study Group website and made accessible to registered study group members. 

Other resources and study support materials include:

  • CPLP Study Wiki, with links and learning materials for each knowledge area.
  • CPLP Candidate discussion forum


This CPLP™ Study Group cohort will be held is scheduled to begin:

September 8, 2012, and continue every Saturday for 11 weeks through November 17

As a CPLP Study Group member, you will have access to study materials and archives for up to one year.  (ASTD-OC members will have access as long as their membership remains active.) 

Click here to view the facilitator bios.


Visit the ASTD CPLP Candidate page to determine if you meet the minimum requirements for participating in the CPLP credentialing program.  

Click here to download the CPLP Readiness Assessment. 

What do you need to participate in the CPLP™ Study Group?

Computer & Internet Connection:   GoToWebinar is a live online, computer-based classroom.  A microphone will enhance your learning experience, however it is not required. 

Learning Materials:   We suggest you obtain materials that will provide content on all Areas of Expertise to help you prepare. While the CPLP Study Wiki will provide some of this content, it also is not a comprehensive source.  The ASTD Learning System is a self-directed learning resource created specifically to help you prepare for the CPLP Knowledge Exam, and covers approximately 85% of the knowledge areas covered in the Knowledge Exam. 

What to expect when you register:

Your registration is an application to become a CPLP Study Group member.  You will be contacted by an ASTD-OC member to discuss your CPLP study plans and your professional goals. This application review will help align your expectations with the demands of the CPLP credentialing process.  Once your application is approved, you will receive information to connect to the member-only webinar series and CPLP Study Group materials. 


The CPLP Study Group is free to active ASTD-OC members. 

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