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  • 08/25/2011 3:24 PM | Denise Ross-Admin (Administrator)
    It is with great sadness that we share that Rich Wong died on Sunday evening of stage 3 cancer, while surrounded by his family. He was 72.


    Rich was a long-time member and active supporter of the ASTD-Orange County Chapter, and held several board positions, including President in 2006. He was a regular attendee at meetings until he moved to Northern California last year.


    We received the following funeral details from his children, Nicole & Scott: 


    Dad will be laid to rest with his family in Los Angeles. Please feel free to pass this along to any friends or family. 


    When:Saturday, August 27, at 12:30 pm
    Where: Church of the Hills, Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills
    Address: 6300 Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068


    In lieu of flowers, please make a gift to the National Urban League. Dad's first job after graduation was running the Urban League's work experience program for disadvantaged youth in San Diego.
  • 08/24/2011 6:47 PM | Deleted user

    If you attend only one training event this year, it should be The Total Trainer Program!  I am speaking both as a previous participant and as the Program Manager last year.  I first attended the Total Trainer Program in 1992 (yes, it’s been around at least that long!) early in my career as a Trainer.  It was the best gift I gave to myself!  Then, in 2010, as a new member of ASTD-OC, I volunteered my time as Program Manager.  While the content has evolved over time to ensure it keeps pace with industry best practices, the program has the same high-quality instructors as it did 19 years ago.  This highly interactive program gives participants hands-on experience in designing, developing, and delivering a training module in the topic of their choice.  The delivery of the team project is the capstone session, and it's very fun to participate in each team’s module.  Whether a new or seasoned trainer, you'll walk away with new skills and experiences that make a difference in your career, not to mention the networking, friendships, and new colleagues that enhance your life. 

  • 08/22/2011 8:47 AM | Paul Venderley (Administrator)

    ASTD-Orange County's strategic partner, Brandman University, has released their Fall 2011 Leadership Services schedule.

    Utilizing data-driven curriculum, an experiential learning environment, and instructors with solid business backgrounds and significant leadership experience, the Brandman University Leadership Services Program equips existing and emerging leaders to maximize performance and deliver immediate results. By incorporating industry best practices with a strong academic foundation, leaders develop the skills necessary to improve their organization’s performance, as well as their own professional capabilities.

    Learn more! View the Brandman University flyer.

  • 08/09/2011 1:58 PM | Kathleen Ashelford
    I took this course a couple of years ago, and am so glad to learn ASTD OC is offering this excellent series again in September. You will learn from recognized leaders in Southern California’s Learning and Development community about a range of topics including active learning exercises, best practices in facilitation, and use of storytelling in training. Most important, though, is the fellowship with other professionals who are passionate about lifelong learning. I came away with new skills, lots of ideas, and a larger network of contacts. I recommend it to everyone in the field, new or experienced. 
  • 08/02/2011 4:12 PM | Rhonda Askeland

    This time of year reminds me of the Uncle Sam posters, “I Want YOU” and the chapter’s pursuit of chapter leaders and volunteers.  Of course, we aren’t drafting anyone and the experience of working on the board and with the chapter provides learning opportunities, leadership growth, and satisfaction in helping people throughout the chapter.

    August is “Nomination Month” and we are in the process of taking nominations for the various board roles.  We have restructured the board and have seven board roles up for election:

    • President-elect – assists the President in managing the chapter and preparation to lead the chapter in 2013
    • Secretary – oversees compliance and prepares and submits chapter documentation
    • VP Finance – oversees financial operation and prepares and submits budget and financial reports
    • VP Marketing – leads teams to coordinate all marketing and communication activities
    • VP Membership – leads teams to coordinate all membership activities
    • VP Programs – leads teams that coordinate all professional development activities
    • VP Technology – leads teams that coordinate all technology activities

    We have contacted a number of people and have begun to accept nominations.  The nomination process concludes August 26th with the election process beginning September 1st and concluding September 30th.

    Has a specific area always interested you?  Do you know someone who would be good in a role?   There are many roles that help the chapter.  Your commitment can be minimal, based on the time you have available, or more comprehensive, if your schedule allows.  Would you like to help the chapter, just not in a board position?  There are various ways to support the chapter in roles outside of the board.  Contact us and we'll answer any questions you may have.

    Shortly, you will receive a nomination form.  We will also post the nomination form on the new website.  Take a few minutes and reflect on a role for yourself or a role that may be good for a colleague, a direct report, or a professional you may know.

    Here are a few ways to contact touch us:

    We definitely “Want YOU” and look forward to seeing how we might work together.


    Rhonda Askeland, President-elect


  • 07/26/2011 9:46 AM | Paul Venderley (Administrator)
    You may have received your OrangeSpiel in the mail last week, and you may have noticed the announcement that this will be the last print edition of our Chapter newsletter.  Our final OrangeSpiel was a labor of love, with multiple Board Members -- past and present -- contributing, editing, proofing, and working hard to ensure its excellence.  It is therefor with utter mortification that I acknowledge that not one of us realized we omitted the Vice President of Volunteers from the Leadership Index.

    Linda Huey has served as your Vice President of Volunteers for a little over a year now, having taken on the role mid-term in 2010.  Hers is a consultative role. All Board members collaborate with her to:
    1. identify gaps in their teams that need to be filled
    2. identify the skills a volunteer would need to succeed in those open positions
    3. identify that strengths a volunteer would build within each open position
    4. recognize and reward the best among our community who are making ASTD-Orange County strong
    Throughout her tenure, Linda Huey's dedication to her role as Vice President of Volunteers has been unmatched. We apologize for this unintended omission, as Linda is an integral member of the ASTD-Orange County Board.
  • 07/21/2011 4:58 PM | Paul Venderley (Administrator)

    By Jeanne Meister and Karie Willyerd

    The last decade has brought a multitude of changes in technology and in the learning function. What will the next 10 years have to offer?

    This is an excerpt from a T&D article published June 2010.  Complete article can be found here.

    Ten years ago, we had just come out of one of the most costly IT investments of all timeundefinedthe Y2K scare. Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, was in high school. Microsoft had just lost a major antitrust lawsuit; Google was getting settled in its first office space after being in a garage for its first year; and the presidential election results were stalled due to hanging chads. The economy was in a state of hope and opportunity known as the dot-com boom, and the phrase "Web 2.0" was 1 year old.

    In the learning industry, the LMS was seen as the provider of the comprehensive solution for the technology needed in an organization; e-learning content providers were merging to provide comprehensive libraries; and portals were the intranet solution of choice for content destinations.

    What a difference a decade makes. Will the next decade bring just as much change or more? Not only are there new technologies being introduced daily, but shifts such as globalization and demographic changes will surely affect our future. In 1999, the United States accounted for 43 percent of the largest global companies in the Financial Times Global 500. By 2009, only 36 percent of global companies were from the United States, while the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) moved from a combined four top 500 companies in 1999, to 52 in 2009.

    Teams composed of employees from multiple countries across several time zones are no longer unusual, which makes face-to-face training logistically difficult and expensive. Regarding demographics, in only four years, Millennials (born between 1977 and 1997) will make up 47 percent of the workforce. Their comfort with tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and texting surely indicates that they will expect tools like those to be used in their work and learning experience.

    Throughout the last three years, we have researched what the future holds for fields as diverse as human longevity and the future of the web. That research helped us come up with 10 predictions for the future of social learning. If you are just now dipping your toes into the social learning pool, we hope the following predictions will give you some ideas about where the future is headed so that you can prepare accordingly.

    Read Jeanne and Karie's predictions.

  • 04/26/2011 11:16 AM | Denise Ross-Admin (Administrator)

    I'm fond of sharing how I came to join ASTD-Orange County. That it was a chance encounter, on a commuter train, with an existing member who took the opportunity of a train stop to network. What I don't share very often is what happened next.

    First, I did some research, the cursory type of research that a neophyte in the career would -- I checked the website, found out how much a membership cost. Then, I asked my boss if the company would dip into their professional development budget to pay for the membership.

    My boss turned down my request.


    From his point of view, ASTD-Orange County might be a fine group and all, but he wanted me to be sure that it wouldn't be a waste of money -- that I wouldn't be throwing more money after membership dues to reap any benefits. Two years passed before I joined the chapter. I'd gained a new boss, who had a different point of view on how the Chapter could support my development. Rather than pay for membership, she allocated departmental professional development funds to subsidize my enrollment in Total Trainer. From there, it made sense for me to be a part of a community in which I could learn and grow in ways that my new boss, supportive as she was, did not have the time or resources to do.

    I share this now to add content to my questions.

    1. How has your membership with ASTD-Orange County helped you in your professional development? In your career?
    2. Are you now including ASTD-OC in your professional development plan? How? If you manage a team of trainers, how are you incorporating ASTD-OC into their professional development plans?

    I started small, managing the Chapter newsletter. But through the years my experiences with the chapter taught me more than T&D best practices -- they taught me organizational savvy, and gave me the confidence to do what I do now for a living.

    Let us know how ASTD-Orange County works for you. Or, should your point of view match that of my first boss, let us know how ASTD-Orange County doesn't work for you.

  • 04/18/2011 11:36 AM | Denise Ross-Admin (Administrator)


    We're pleased to announce the appointment of a new leader to the Career Management Special Interest Group: Christine Kelly, Ph.D.. Christine is currently a career consultant who has been working with graduate students at UCI for the past three years. She received her Ph.D. in Communication from Purdue University in 1991. Since then she has held full and part time positions at both large and small Universities and Colleges. Christine taught public speaking and interviewing skills for 20 years, and enjoys helping others hone their presentation skills and learn to communicate more effectively.

    Christine shares:

     2010 Career Management SIG Leader

    "The Career Management interest group is a good match for my skills and my career goals. I have good organizational and planning skills which I have used in my current job to develop a wide range of programs for my clients. I'm also developing a plan to grow my current position into something more, which requires long term strategizing. I hope that my experiences and process will be helpful to others in the group as they plan their career paths. Finally, I want to get others involved in this group because I work best in a collaborative environment and I think I will learn a lot from the other participants."

    Christine seeks to expand the scope of the Career Management Special Interest Group beyond the traditional discussion of resumes and interview skills. While there will always be a forum for those topics, other topics under consideration for future meetings are:
    • Opportunities within the Training and Development Career
      We're not just trainers, we're instructional designers, human performance improvement consultant, eLearning experts, and more. We'll discuss the various specialities within the T&D field, and what one would need to do to gain experience and a foothold in the field.
    • Strengths Finder
      What do you do best? How can you do this every day?
    • Training Interviews
      While much focus is given to the resume and interview, we'd like to provide some best practices, and an opportunity for our members to practice giving those training presentations that have become an integral part of the second interview.
    • Managing Your Career Up
      What can you do to transition to the next position up the career ladder?
    • Building a Career Portfolio
      Your resume tells Best practices for creating an online portfolio that represents your work.
    As you can see, we're looking at topics that not only address the start of one's T&D career, but also those things that continue to make one's career a rewarding one.
  • 04/15/2011 11:15 AM | Denise Ross-Admin (Administrator)
    Wearing tennis shoes, khaki pants and a dark blue polo shirt with the letters VOLUNTEER across the back, I stood in the grand foyer of the convention center holding a sign with a big question mark on it. I certainly didn’t feel like I was making a fashion statement, but had high hopes for a day of interacting with training and development professionals from all over the world.

    For the first ten minutes I thought I would die of boredom. But once people realized I might have answers to their questions on this first day of the ASTD International Conference & Exposition (ICE), I had a steady stream of customers. Of course, I didn’t have all the answers, but when I couldn’t answer someone’s question, I rallied all the resources I knew about and went in search of the answer. I think it comforted each person I helped to know someone was there supporting them in their quest – whatever it might be.

    By the afternoon, I felt like an expert on just about anything related to ICE and the convention center --and I was having a blast! I literally spoke to people from about 15 different countries. I was not only a friendly face in a crowd, but I actually could help them get where they were going!

    At the end of the day I turned in my ? sign and received a free one-day pass for ICE. Not bad for a day of serving my fellow training and development professionals!

    To volunteer at the next ASTD ICE, May 22-25, 2011, and earn a free day for every day you volunteer, go to As the saying goes, you’ll be able to have your cake and eat it, too!

    -- Denise Lamonte

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